The world we live in is filled with a lot of new and growing technologies. The growing technologies are always signs of developments and hence advancements are phenomenon that keeps a track in our lives every day. Amidst all these advancements and developments, that one thing that keeps us updated and up-to-date with the modern and fast moving world are the discoveries of the recent past known as gadgets. When these are gadgets are in the topic of discussion, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is the smart phone. Smart phones have been an integral part of our lives and hence all that we do and all that we need to live on are these gadgets and smart phones. In the world of smart phones, there are many names that come in the league and Samsung is one name that has always been one of the top notch companies and brands in the field. Samsung has always promised of producing smarter phones than the rest and hence the credit of being at the top goes to it. samsung-galaxy-s7 When talking of the recent model of the company, it is the all Samsung Galaxy S7that comes in the topic. It is the latest flagship model and is considered to be the next big thing from the company. When talking of the different features in it, it has many to discuss about and start from. If design and making be the points, then Samsung Galaxy S7 is the model that has many new additions in it that make it a recent model with cool features. Its outer body is made of a newly made alloy of magnesium that makes it light in weight and thus makes it convenient to use. The newly made alloy is believed to be tougher than the formerly being used metal and hence is better. The body of the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a metallic finish that gives a glossy touch to the outer cover and thus makes it cool and stylish. When it comes to the software of the phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is supposed to have an 8GB RAM space that will be even more than a normal laptop and this makes it convenient and an option to use in the place of a laptop. Moreover the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a 64bit exynos processor coupled with a 4.5Ghz snapdragon processor which would ensure the working of the phone not just to be smooth but fast at the same time too. The display of the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be of 5.5inches covered with a new variety of glass namely the Turtle Glass that is unlike the normally used corning Gorilla glass. This new glass is believed to be tougher and stronger than the previous glass and hence would protect the phone even better. Apart from this the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a full HD display and a 4K resolution view that would suffice to the greatness of the phone. The all new Samsung Galaxy S7 is priced almost at a cost of 53k for the Indian markets and is targeted to hit the markets in the early 2016.