The Top 3 Uses For Sailingboat Accessories

If you own a sailingboat, whether it’s a yacht, ketch or a cutter, you’ll want to make the most of your time on the water with the right sailingboat accessories. There are a vast number of these on the market, some of which are designed to be functional, and some of which are designed to be more fun or lifestyle-based. Your choices will depend on your budget, your sailing regularity and your preferences for sailing in a minimal style versus having a fully kitted-out boat with all the gadgets and gizmos a person could wish for!

So what are three boat accessories that are well worth having?

Bailout Bungee Sponge

Every boat owner will have to deal with water bailouts, and this attachable sponge is a fantastic tool for soaking up water that is splashing around both on deck and below, you are then able to squeeze it back out into the ocean. Its small size and attachable strap mean that you can store it close to hand wherever you need it and it never gets lost, misplaced or dropped overboard.Its construction is soft and has non-scratch discs, which will ensure your boat remains looking its best. The sponge is an essential piece of kit for keeping your craft free from waste, and it makes a great gift too for anyone who has or sails a yacht, dingy, sail boat, powerboat, motorboat, kayak or canoe.

The Top 3 Uses For Sailingboat Accessories

A Marine Multi-Tool

Every land adventurer will have a Swiss army knife in his or her pack, and when you are out on the sea you need a good multi-tool to hand made from marine-grade steel to prevent rusting. Look for models which have multiple tools for different purposes, a clean ergonomic design and a functional folding mechanism for emergency purposes and regular on-board maintenance. A powder coating finish will help to prevent corrosion. Invest in a good model and look after it and you can look forward to having your tool to hand for many years ahead. Just store it somewhere where you can easily find it, and keep it well out of reach of any children on board for safety’s sake.

The Top 3 Uses For Sailingboat Accessories

A Waterproof First-Aid Kit

A good waterproof first-aid kit is an absolute essential, and the waterproof tough material on the exterior will keep the contents dry in even the wettest conditions. A good kit will be packed with essential medical equipment for accidents that can occur on the boat during regular sailing trips or whenever water sports are taking place. Most models are suitable for sailing, diving, canoeing, rafting and kayaking.

Look for features such as a roll-top closure, belt-loop attachment and a quick-find system. Contents should include bandages, tweezers and scissors, vinyl gloves and safety pins, dressings, bandages, antiseptic wipes, plasters, dressings, painkillers and burn gel sachets. Check them regularly and update the contents as they are used.

The Top 3 Uses For Sailingboat Accessories

These three items are an essential for all sailing fans, but there are plenty of others too, including buoyancy aids, lamps and torches, towels, helmets and sun protection. What other essentials would you recommend to a novice sailor?


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