The best affair about the abutting iPhone’s awning may not be its size.

In contempo months, several account outlets accept appear that Apple may use a technology alleged breakthrough dots to enhance appearance of their next-generation display.

Quantum dots are nanocrystals fabricated out of semiconductors. Back alive with altar abstinent in billionths of a beat (that’s what “nano” means), you tend to get awe-inspiring “quantum” furnishings – the concrete rules you accept to assignment with change.

Quantum dots are absorbing to affectation manufacturers because their awe-inspiring aftereffect is that they can be acquainted to afford actual specific frequencies of ablaze – in a screen, that agency colors can be reproduced added accurately than with acceptable materials.

Back in December, AppleInsider’s Mikey Campbell wrote up a arbitrary of an about 18-month-old apparent filing Apple fabricated anecdotic how it would use breakthrough dots in displays. Apple thinks it could decidedly advance blush reproduction in its Retina affectation by abounding ablaze through a attenuate blur of breakthrough dots.

Two weeks ago, Patently Apple abbreviated four fresh Apple patents accompanying to the use of breakthrough dots in displays. Together, the techniques Apple describes would let its screens not alone appearance colors added accurately, but additionally appearance a added area of colors.

Amazon acclimated breakthrough dots in its Kindle Fire HDX tablets, and while its affectation offers a aerial resolution and absurd blush reproduction, it has a adequately attenuated blush area and a audible light-bleed issue. Apple’s patents advance it has apparent agnate issues in its R&D and taken cogent strides to abode them.

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(Of course, Amazon’s breakthrough dot affectation already produces a added area than the accepted iPad mini with Retina, so I don’t beggarly to advance that it isn’t additionally a top-tier screen. The bar is artlessly rising.)

There’s acumen to accept that we’ll see breakthrough dots in Apple displays this year.

Forbes contributor Haydn Shaughnessy afresh batten to Jason Hartlove, CEO of Nanosys, a aggregation that holds abounding patents involving breakthrough dots. According to Hartlove, Apple’s designs body on Nanosys tech. He additionally claims that the aboriginal buzz with a breakthrough dot affectation will barrage by mid-year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook additionally fabricated it bright that awning affection is a above affair for Apple in an account with The Wall Street Journal beforehand this month. Here’s the acknowledgment he gave back asked if he was adjoin a bigger iPhone screen:

What we’ve said is that until the technology is ready, we don’t appetite to cantankerous that line. That doesn’t say we’ll never do it. We appetite to accord our barter what’s appropriate in all respects – not aloof the admeasurement but in the resolution, in the clarity, in the contrast, in the reliability. There are abounding altered ambit to admeasurement a affectation and we affliction about all those, because we apperceive that’s the window to the software.

Just as a camera isn’t automatically more good than addition that can breeze beneath megapixels, a bigger, college resolution awning isn’t automatically more good than one with a smaller, beneath close screen. Things like blush reproduction and adverse are huge factors too, and Apple seems to be absorption on that for whatever follows the Retina affectation we’ve all gotten acclimated to back 2010.

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