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Highlights look classy and beautiful but require the right care as they can damage your hair and make it look messy too. Highlights may bring out the facial bone structure and could make the hair sparkle in sun but if not done properly, the look can turn brassy and stripy.

The dos and dont’s concerning highlights of hair as advised by top colorists are discussed below.

Get Highlights to Frame the Face

Placement is the key to highlights. Fastest and the brightest highlights have to be placed around frame of your face. At the root the highlight should be sparser and darker and be lighter at tips. This way sun would lighten the hair naturally.

Tips For Getting Highlights and Caring For Them

Have the Right Depth

In case the hair has been over highlighted it will appear unsophisticated and also flat. Highlights should differ in size and lightness and should emphasize the base color and not overpower that. It should be ensured that highlights match the tone of your hair. You should have warm highlights if your base is warm. In case of cool base, the highlights should be beige or sandy. In case of neutral base color, the highlights could be cool or warm.

Don’t Blend in Too Many Shades

Too much of variations would look unnatural. More than three shades should never be woven in the base- base, highlight and low light. Otherwise there are chances of the hair color looking like something which you would see on Rainbow Bright doll.

Adjust Highlights as per Season

In summer highlight should be paler and brighter when you would be spending time outdoors. At this time earth is closer to sun and would be casting more yellow light. In winters highlights should be more golden and deeper when summer glow is lost by us and earth is far away from sun reflecting bluer light.

Match the Highlight with the Skin Tone

Highlights should not be so light that skin tone matches with them. You would look washed out because you desire contrast between skin color and hair color. But you also do not want too much contrast between highlight and base color. Highlight should not be lighter than base color by more than three levels otherwise these would appear stripy.

The Right Care for The Highlights

Highlights are your investment and should be treated like prized possession. Following tips should be followed to ensure that they last long and do not look frizzy and messy

  1. Prepare your hair before you heat style these with thermal protector. Get one using Happily unmarried coupons.
  2. Hair should be deep conditioned once a week.
  3. Massage with coconut oil weekly. Heat a teaspoon of oil in the microwave for just a few seconds and apply to damp hair. Leave for 30 minutes and wash.
  4. Use a moisturizing color safe shampoo and conditioner.
  5. Wear scarf or hat and if you would be in sun.
  6. Use UV protective products on the hair to prevent premature fading of the highlights. Ustraa the best deals on such hair care products.
  7. Chlorinated pool and salt water are harmful to highlights. You should coat your hair with protective oil before swimming to act as barrier for the hair.

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