As a kid, I used to dream of a tree house with ships coated with dust and swinging walkways. However, I had never thought that something as magical as this could even happen in real life. Yes, it happened and the idea turned an ordinary child’s bedroom into an amazing tree reading corner. If your child is demanding for something similar do not panic at all because, now you can easily fulfill his/her wishes without a second thought. Now, if you are planning to buy a residential property in Madhyamgram, you have a good option to design your child’s room as per his/her liking.

Once I read in a magazine about Rob Adams, a popular video game artist from Washington, who transformed his six-year-old daughter’s bedroom into a ‘fairy’ tree reading nook. I just got excited with the idea and started collecting all types of useful information required to build a similar thing in my house. As I read the story of that six-year-old, it simply took me back to my childhood days when I had a similar dream, but it never got fulfilled. Rob Adams wrote in the article that he used a Disney set-design as reference, even though it was quite difficult for him to structure it in the initial stage. Every individual has his/her way to get their dream fulfilled. It took approximately an 18-month period and around 350 hours to make the six-year-old’s dream come true.

Tips To Build An Enchanted Tree Reading Corner

Come, let us guide you to build a beautiful tree reading nook for your little daughter/son.

  • Before you buy a residential property in Madhyamgram, make sure you do the necessary planning. First and foremost, do a sketch work on a paper or maybe on the wall before you begin the work. Then see what material you will be requiring for the project. Of course, it is up to you whether you want to hire a professional or do it on your own. If you ask me, I preferred hiring professionals and then work hand-in-hand with them to get the best result.
  • What I read about Rob is that he drew the silhouettes of the model right on the wall, so that he could attach the steel rods directly to the lines.
  • Using the rebar and steel rod and the scraps which he had, he started welding the tree. With the steel bars and rods he made a structure of a tree and to that he applied the extended metal lathe directly to the branches. Right after that, he pre-wired the lights to create the fairy doors and windows using small fibreglass waterproof landscape lights.
  • He then applied concrete to the trunk and then painted the branches brown. With that, he installed the hardwood floors and painted the walls to give the entire thing a new look.
  • A few strands of beautiful Christmas bulbs were then set in the branches to add to the beauty of the room.
  • A reading light was installed in the sitting area of the tree with a dimmer switch on the wall.

This way Rob created the dream world for his little one. Now, it’s your turn to make your kid’s dream come true.


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