Tips To Choose Student Housing In London

This article will help you make that key decision by outlining the pros and cons of each option.

Halls of Residence

Halls of residence are definitely the best option for making friends, as you’ll be living in close quarters with others both on your own and on other courses. Halls are also usually very conveniently placed for access to the campus and any nightlife and social events that are happening, as well as being supplied with good public transport links.

The other benefit is that, whilst you’ll have a taste of independence from your parents, you still won’t need to worry about the added complications of bills and landlords. In addition, the university will provide significant support if anything should go wrong.

However, there are some cons to living in the halls of residence. You don’t get to choose who you live with, so may have to put up with noise and mess. In addition, competition for places in halls of residences is often fierce, so you may not get into your preferred place.

Tips To Choose Student Housing In London

Private Student Halls

The second option available to the new student is to choose a purpose built student living complex. These private halls are a similar set-up to the university halls of residence, but they are run by a private company. There are many of these private halls available as student housing in London and other cities in the UK. However, it’s worth checking to see what bills are included in the price and what facilities and communal spaces are available. There may also be upfront costs that need to be factored in.

Private Accommodation

When the university doesn’t guarantee a place in halls for their first year students, student housing in London and other cities is often provided as a private rental. In addition, whilst the social scene of student halls may appeal to some, for those who are after a quieter time at university, private accommodation maybe the best option. These private rentals do have the benefit that you can choose who you live with and will provide you with complete independence. They may, however, be located further away from the campus and you’ll also be responsible for dealing with your own bills and the landlord.

Living at Home

Whilst most students are keen to get away from living with their parents, those who are more money savvy may realise that this is the much cheaper option. The chance to mix with other students and experience the full student social scene may be a little more difficult, but is possible with some effort. You’ll meet loads of new people in your lectures and it’s a good idea to join some of the sports and social clubs that are available. However, you will still need to abide by your parents’ rules, so you won’t be gaining any reprieve from doing the chores!


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