Tips To Choose The Best Furnace

The heating furnace in your house keeps the hot water flowing and indoor temperatures in comfortable ranges during cold and chilly weather. It keeps on doing that until one morning, you wake up to a bone-chilling shower. And you are left with no other option but to inspect it for the causes of failure.

The problem may be as simple as a faulty thermostat or you may need to replace it because it is all worn out. Now you have to choose a furnace for replacement. You can either choose to install the exactly similar model or look for upgrades.

How To Choose The Best Furnace

If you are someone ready to build a new home and find the right heating system, you still need to find the best choice out there. Former or later, the following 7 tips will help you make the right decision.

1. Determine The Proper Size Of Furnace

The most critical step of installing a new furnace is to determine the proper size. It is the key to obtaining thermal comfort without paying extra energy bills. Too small of a system will also add inconvenience to the equation. And too big of a system makes you spend money on the heat you don’t need.

Consider the size of your house, insulation, condition of the duct system, number of windows, ceiling height, and the number of residents. You need to match heat output measured in BTUs with the heating needs of your home. If you want to avoid costly mistakes at this stage, consult a professional.

2. Get A Furnace With Higher AFUE Rating

Are you looking to make your home energy efficient? The AFUE rating of your furnace plays a vital role. This acronym stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. You should get a furnace with higher AFUE ratings because it means that you will get lower bills except for one caveat. 

Before you invest your money in a high AFUE-rated furnace, ensure that the installed duct system is in good condition. Pairing up a new furnace with an old and deteriorating duct system is not a good idea. 

The price of a furnace with a high AFUE rating increases by $1000 but it is worth your money, especially when you are living in an area with long cold months.

3. Compare The Fuel Choices

Fuel choice is important because it affects the annual costs of heating. You can opt between oil, gas, and electric-powered furnaces depending on the availability and system type. Being one of the cleanest and economical choices, the majority of the furnaces in the USA are powered by natural gas. A gas furnace is not only cheaper to install but it is 30-50% percent cheaper than oil.

Electric-powered furnaces work well for instant heating of low volumes of water but it is generally inefficient for an entire household. When you sum up the installation prices and maintenance costs, an oil furnace is the next best thing to a gas furnace.  

4. Look For Modern Safety Features

Technology has redefined furnaces and their safety features. While you are considering everything else, don’t forget to factor in the safety features. 

A furnace can produce toxic carbon monoxide gas in certain circumstances which is an odorless and colorless gas. It can cause health problems from dizziness, nausea to extreme headaches and if the concentration reaches a lethal level, it can lead to poisoning and death. Look for a furnace with sealed combustion to avoid the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Install a programmable thermostat with the furnace to maximize energy savings. Moreover, get a furnace with two-stage valves to control fuel flow more efficiently.

5. Install A Top-Quality Air Filter

Furnace blows dust particles in the air during normal operation. You can protect indoor air quality by investing in a high-quality air filter. It is worth your hard-earned money. After all, your safety and breathing comfort comes first. If you are looking for the absolute best protection for your loved ones, get a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arresting) filter. 

6. Go For Gas Modulating Furnace

Everybody loves to save some more money on their energy bills. A gas-modulating furnace is something that helps you in achieving your goals. If you are a resident of an area where winters are cold and long, a gas-modulating furnace helps you control fuel flow precisely. For those who don’t know, such a furnace controls heat output with every minute!

7. Pay Attention To Warranties

Warranties are imperative if you are installing a furnace for years to come. Don’t forget to look at the terms and conditions of the manufacturer and installer. They may be a bit different. And it’s best to have a heat exchanger with long warranties.

Here is a pro-tip by highfive list. Don’t wait till you have to do last-minute furnace replacements. Do your research well-ahead. 

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