Tips To Reduce Stress

Stress reduces our welfare, our health and the possibility of having a long and happy life. Live stressed by lots of reasons for the work, health, family, it’s like a mountain of rocks fall on our shoulders, crushed us, leaving us unable to breathe.

There are evidently perhaps more common reasonable and natural stress keeps us alert and another, which is what we self-generate, with our expectations and requirements. This is not to say you do not have goals and ambitions, but rather what you need is to fill your life with purpose and thus will not need to meet so many expectations, that if you look carefully, probably are not as yours, and if a little generated by your social environment.

Tips To Reduce Stress

In my own quest to reduce my stress I found 5 simple actions but have been very effective and powerful to achieve.

1) Do not push yourself more than necessary. Sometimes we feel say no, make us selfish people, actually that’s not true. To be good and to help others, first you have to be good yourself. We decided to do everything and does it perfect, we impose targets and timetables, we push to get everything right and time to not disappoint anyone. We meet all and we do not realize we need, first, to see for ourselves / themselves. Have realistic expectations about ourselves we lighten the load and allows us to move faster.

2) Leave aside the “what ifs”. A very common trend in anticipating potential problems or difficulties. ” What if I do not do well ” “What if they do not like” “What if I do not promote” “What if they do not hire me” We started to question and stressed by the possible outcomes of our actions, but in reality we’re worrying about things that have not happened. We must live the “here and now” but maintain some future goals.

3) If you feel you get rid of “what if” is impossible, one way is to think positive, try to transform your negative thoughts with positive ideas.

4) Although it sounds a little cliché, it’s actually very effective ” instead of worrying deal ” and understand that “things always happen for a reason and always, although it does not seem input, they are to improve.”

5) Do not be a perfectionist. Perfection does not exist, it is actually a fiction that we have invented, and there is only the continuous learning and the ability to improve every day. We have certain expectations of us and our work, family, couple, body, clothes, etc. and stress that because we always think we can do better, when in fact it is best to do my best, adjusting our expectations to reality and capacity.

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