Working in burning fat the body does not need to exercise often can become complicated if the body does not react the way you want, but there are ways to achieve this. If you are looking to get rid of the extra kilos before spring arrives and the body is a little more exposed, today we bring different options for you to choose one that best suits your tastes and needs. We present the 5 exercises that burn more calories.

Meet the Top 5 exercises to burn calories; if you like sports better still, you got easier! You can choose between here and we propose eliminating many calories in one session.

Exercises to Burn Calories

New studies now say they make even an exercise for 2.5 minutes which is really intense can help burn calories throughout the day. So, if you have too much time for physical activity, choose the exercise that you like and you just have to follow the following trick: Exercise resting between one and another of 30-60 seconds, just which while you do you applies maximum intensity.


Top 5 Exercises To Burn Calories

Called roller or inline skates are ideal to get rid of kilos quickly, you burn about 913 calories per hour, but also will be toning your legs, which after a while will be machined and free of cellulite.

Jumping or Bungee Jumping

Top 5 Exercises To Burn Calories1

With this extreme sport accelerates your heart rate so that your whole body sweat, adrenaline rises and causes a real acceleration that helps burn calories.

Mountain Climbing

Top 5 Exercises To Burn Calories2

Mountain climbing is also very good to strengthen all the muscles in general, the ascent requires strength and your heart racing, while the decline is a type of career that involves stability in steps. All this is ideal for weight loss, as long as you can practice regularly.

Up and Down Stairs

Top 5 Exercises To Burn Calories3

It is perfect for toning the legs and has back exercise envy. Also, you can do it for free. Looking for a good ladder, wide and comfortable stairs where you can step firmly; and goes up and down several times. You know what the catch is: with great intensity and maximum resting one minute between one series and another.


Top 5 Exercises To Burn Calories4

This exercise is very complete because it requires a movement of arms with you raise and lower holding dumbbells, while a leg on ahead and leave behind the other.

You know, you just have to choose the option you like and get going to maximize calorie burn and fitness with the arrival of spring.

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