Topmost Tips For Wedding Anniversary Party

Marriage anniversaries call for a great celebration. After all, spending your entire life with someone is quite a task that is to be appreciated. Even if it is a simple party at home, or a big bash in a lavish hotel, anniversaries are to be celebrated with near and dear ones. If the anniversary is a tenth, twenty fifth or a fiftieth one, you will have to put in more efforts to make it an extra special event. With a proper plan, good helping hands and a lively bunch of guests, any anniversary party can turn into a crazy and lovely memory.

Topmost Tips For Wedding Anniversary Party

If you are planning a marriage anniversary for yourself or someone your love, follow these tips to make the party a grand success and a memorable one too –

Set the Date

You will have to plan when you will be holding the party at least a couple of months earlier. Obviously the party will be on the day of the anniversary, but some prefer to celebrate it on the weekend of the same week in order to make it convenient for their guests. But, it is the duty of the guests to make efforts in rearranging their engagements to be a part of the celebration.

Book a Venue

Half of the success of a party depends on the venue you choose. Make sure you have a large hall to accommodate all the guests.  You can either hold the party in the house of the couple, or a restaurant if the guest list is short. But, if you are inviting more people you will have to book a party hall, a garden or a hotel ballroom.

Send Invitations

As soon as the date and venue are confirmed, send out the invites. Let the invites be elegant and ask them for an RSVP. Do not forget to mention the colour and theme if there are any in particular.

Order Food and Drinks

When you have an idea of the number of guests, you can order good food from the best restaurant in the surroundings.  You can also hire a caterer if you find ordering expensive. If it is a small crowd and if you enjoy cooking, you can prepare all the dishes at your kitchen itself. Be alert while you select the menu, it has to be very impressive. You can have themed menu such as barbecue, healthy food, and swanky cocktails and so on. Do not forget to order cakes online. No celebration is complete without a cute cake and cake cutting ceremony.

Decide the theme

Theme parties are fun. You can choose a theme that is liked by the couple and announce it to the guests. The guests will be happily obeying your orders. Retro, 70s, cowboy, coloured themes are fun and exciting.


Let the decorations be minimal and graceful. You can have a theme of the couple’s favourite colour. Add flowers and vases to enhance the beauty of the space.

Once all the above things are taken care of, you can sigh in relief. Make sure the food, drinks, and cake delivery are done on time.