The temperature of the earth around us is somewhat different than that of the one in usual seasons. As regards the geothermal heat pump, it may be termed as the specific system that makes maximum use of such difference between the earth and the seasons as far as relevant temperatures are concerned. It may not be viable to make use of the usual atmospheric heat pumps that may not be in tune with the temperatures going below the freezing points. That’s where ground source heat pumps prove their worth for the society.

Types Of Geothermal Systems And How Do They Work

Types of geothermal systems – There are two types of such systems including horizontal and the vertical one.

Horizontal type – Involving digging series of trenches approx six feet around the properties; horizontal geothermal systems involve the use of special pipes. They are laid in the trenches while the water gets circulated through the pipes that are used in heating or cooling it down to the earth temperature. Pumping of water is done to the heat pump that is mounted within the properties.

Vertical type – This system involves many holes that are bored up to about eighty feet deep into the ground. Installation of the pipes is done through these holes and the same are fed through the foundation to the heat pump that is located inside.

Water temperature – You may install any of the above systems, but it is the temperature of the water that is more significant than other features. Maximum efficiency of the heat pump can be enjoyed throughout the year in terms of the water that flows inwards and remains at its usual temperature.

Operating costs – These pumps are cost-effective as their operating costs are quite less than the ordinary ones. Ground source heat pumps can be operated almost free with the solar energy systems on your roofs, saving a lot of money towards heating and cooling costs.

Working – The natural heat from beneath the earth is utilised with the pumping of the water through the pipes. The temperature is increased and use of heat is made for providing heating and hot water. Electricity may be needed for heating but less electrical energy is utilised than the one since produced with this system. The same role as that of a boiler is performed with this unique method. These pumps are made up of ground loops, i.e. pipes that are buried underground. Sufficient space is needed for installing the system. The size of the ground loop depends on the size of your property and your specific need of heat. Candidly, this system is a mixture of water and antifreeze that is pumped around the ground loop for absorbing the natural ground heat. Use of a heat exchanger is made for extracting the heat that is transferred to the heat pump for onward transfer to the property. Ground source heat pumps are able to enhance the temperature to approx by 50°C.

So why not make use of these extraordinary systems that help in saving big money towards their installation and operating costs!

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