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Do you even use complex analytics as part of your marketing strategy? Or does it appear to you to be something that you can’t afford until later in your financial forecast? Without analytics you will never know if that new copywriter is reaching your desired audience. The new landing page design is wasted money if you don’t test the results a few times with, then re-design and test again Analytics involves a holistic approach that is outlined below. Get everything right and results will flow and be maintained. It does not happen overnight but within three months you will see improvements in your bottom line. Give it twelve months and you will wonder why you spent so much time waiting to invest in this essential part of your business strategy. Understanding The Basics Of Internet Marketing

Real SEO

Good “White Hat” SEO techniques can deliver amazing results in terms of visitor numbers and, more importantly, the quality of those visitors. Increases in conversion rates of over 300 % are common in the industry, I have seen it myself frequently over the last 10 years. The statistics in these cases never lie. Do not resort to trying out SEO techniques, view SixtyMarketing internet marketing blog for posts on techniques that are in any way dubious. The bots, crawlers and spiders will find you out very quickly. If you are penalised by the major search engines it will mean severe problems for your rankings and your business. Many small businesses have had to fold because of SEO disputes with Google. They have their integrity to protect too.


I have been reading Jakob Nielson’s Alertbox for many years, I suggest you spend a little time learning from that particular master and his team. They are brilliant at analytics, they practically invented it for internet marketers. Just one hour invested in learning from Jakob will save you days of heartache talking and listening to self-appointed experts who are still wet behind the ears. Once visitors are at your site you then need them to stay there and start to do what you need them to do. This is of course, to buy, and then share their knowledge with their networks. A great user experience will only increase the chances of many return visits. It is then your goal to get that click to buy your product or service. Organise your website how your customers expect it to be and you will see dramatic improvements in reaching your goals for every metric you can measure. Design and test for usability not for you or your co-directors design ideas. Function and form, but it has to function as near to perfect as you can get it within your budget.


The largest problems in your internet marketing strategy will be found very quickly by a professional analysis. Your ROI on a full-time analytics expert will be phenomenal, all studies point to this. There are also many analytic tools out there now for you to try yourself. Most of the basics can be learnt in a couple of days, just like for any piece of software. There are always free versions to trial before you commit too much investment. Equally, just as in every part of life, you will get what you pay for. Fees for professional analytic teams may appear high but the best ones I have worked with tend to have PhD’s and Master’s degrees. You have been warned if you think their skills can be bought cheaply. –

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