A city of erraticisms, Ahmedabad is a juxtaposition of every substitute compelling. On one side we find the Gujaratis who are eminent all through India as the master specialists, and on the other, we had Gandhiji with his Satyagraha and Nonviolence. Materialistic perspective on one hand and the supernatural presence of self-renunciation on the other, with all such diversities, Ahmedabad is the best case of the Indian culture and is moreover, the seventh biggest city of India.

Enough said in regards to the city’s tasteful and social appeal. There is something else that makes Ahmedabad such a sorted destination in itself. In addition to the fact that it is overflowing with assorted qualities, additionally it has a plenty of ethereal destinations encompassing its domain. So stop inquiring about that same, bring Jaipur to Ahmedabad train time table, and head to these delightful getaways from the city, directly.


Weekend Diaries Best Getaways from Ahmedabad

Diu is a minor island situated on the southern tip of the Saurashtra (Kathiawad) landmass of Gujarat. Displaying a dreamlike mix of sun, sand and sea, the island is totally a paradise, complete with palm trees swaying carelessly in the breeze and the influxes of the Arabian Sea lapping the shores. One can call it “Mini Goa”, however, we’d like it to hold its very own personality. One must-visit spot to have a resuscitating weekend.


Weekend Diaries Best Getaways from Ahmedabad1

Daman is a little region found between the State of Maharashtra, Gujarat and the Arabian ocean. It brags of a salubrious environment consistently, with casuarina windbreaks, quiet ocean shores, ravishing shorelines and an easy availability of liquor. The spot similarly attracts history fans on account of the much noticeable Portuguese sway here. The shorelines and religious domains in Daman are a fiery mix of delicate silver sands, undulating degrees of palm woods and old-fashioned historic points.


Weekend Diaries Best Getaways from Ahmedabad2

A city devoted to sanctuaries, Junagadh is one of the five star voyager destinations in Gujarat. With great havens all through, vacationers come here from far and wide to offer their petitions. Arranged in a magnificent area, in the foot of the Girnar Hills, this city offers unblemished surroundings and a stunning point of view. It is furthermore one of the best destinations for the wildlife lovers as Nalsarovar Lake and Sanctuary, Sakkarbaug Zoo and Sasan Gir Wildlife National Park are located very much in its vicinity. With so much and more to see and do in Junagadh, one can make the best of this city while on a weekend trip.


Weekend Diaries Best Getaways from Ahmedabad3

The city of sanctuaries – Bhavnagar, has been bestowed with characteristic excellence and some ethereal viewpoints as well. Nestling on the Shatrunjaya Hills, this city’s temples are the genuine attractions for the tourists. The Takhteshwar Temple is one famous asylum here. In case you wish to dive profound into the history and society of this city, then you ought to visit Mangalsinh Jai Mahal Palace, Nilambag Palace and the Sea-side Palace which is located in a pretty calm area.


Weekend Diaries Best Getaways from Ahmedabad4

Pavagadh is the hill nearby Champaner, and is additionally the same spot where an old Mahakali temple is found. Pavagadh moreover has a fortress that was built by the Solanki Rajputs. Some bits of the Pavagadh Fort are still existent. In the fortress, there likewise is a Hindu temple that goes back to 10th or 11th century. This is the most settled Hindu sanctuary ever fabricated. There are some more Hindu and Jain temples built in Nagara style here, during the 13-15 century.

So now you know why we are pressing on you to visit the neighboring locales of Ahmedabad? Well, get an estimation of your train’s PNR status, and if things are unlikely, then better cancel and head off straight to the aforementioned destinations. You won’t regret even a bit!

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