Facial Dermal Fillers Toronto adds volume and youthful contouring while softening lines. It is a non-surgical injectable cosmetic treatment which helps you to look younger and delivers flawless results which give your face a refreshed and natural look. Hyaluronic Acid is used as a natural filler. It is a natural sugar derived molecule which can be found all over the human body. The production of the acid begins to decrease with time making the skin sag, wrinkle and dehydrate. Facial Dermal fillers are natural face fillers and are a great option if you are planning on getting face fillers. 

How do they work?

With a variety of derma fillers now available, there are certain fillers which has HA mixed with other materials. 100% natural HA dermal gel is a classic. The gels are available in both thick and thin forms. The thick gel helps in building large and foundational structures like cheeks. Whereas, thin liquid fillers work well just under the surface of the skin and in delicate areas like under eye and oral region. It is popularly used for augmenting lips, cheeks and other areas alone. It is also used in conjunction with facial cosmetic surgery for a harmonious result.

Dermal fillers and botox or other neuromodulators are not synonymous. It is normal to be confused about facial filling versus injectable medication which is used to relax muscle movement. However, these two work very well together to create dramatic changes with a non-surgical soft lift. The facial fillers which are widely used today are not made from collagen as better and newly designed material works better and delivers safe and consistent results.

Do the fillers appear fake?

When you are seeking a facelift procedure or a non-surgical, injectable facial rejuvenation the question that normally arises is whether it would look fake or not. Though everyone wants to look younger, healthier and more attractive, but not at the cost of looking fake. The worry about unnatural results is only normal. When you opt for dermal filler it will give you a more realistic and subtle look. It is used to create a soft and transformative result which improve all the time. The advanced products which are used to lift facial tissues and rebuild structure have an overall anti-ageing effect.

How does it correct your features?

Facial fillers are used to highlight your best features and downplay the ones that you don’t like. It can straighten the look of your nose, make your lips sultrier, aged cheeks or even soften deep wrinkles. An overdone face may look unrealistic with large cheeks, fish lips and a general puffiness to the face. If done correctly then the filler wouldn’t even look like a filler at all. It is a type of precision tool which is used to accent and correct the features you like but not to change your face entirely. The advanced medical products used are Restylane, Emmerval, Prollenium, Teosyal and Versa which deliver soft, flexible and natural-looking results.