No matter either you’re a cosmetics amateur or have continued exploring with makeups for ages, it’s essential to own a set with cosmetic must-haves that will enable you to formulate a go-to daily appearance.

After getting the cosmetic essentials, it is simply much smoother to add bold or contemporary makeup merchandises to your kit and apply them for getting yourself a great look. Therefore, keep reading to find a list of cosmetic essentials and must-have brushes for your eyes, face and lips.

Concealer brush

This is a tiny plastic makeup brush that will enable you to use concealer over the places where you require to brighten the surface. It can be the area under your eye, the peak of your nose, temples, and jawbone. If you have a beauty sponge, make sure to mix it amidst the concealer.

Face Primer

Some people do not consider face primer as an important make accessory. But according to beauty experts, it is a must-have item in your daily makeup kit.  Face primers’ puts a beautiful impact on your face.

Furthermore, your makeup can change, but solely, their principal goal is to give you smooth skin. Also, it aids in keeping your makeup bright for the whole day. There are various kinds of primers available in the market as per your skin tone, texture and type. Get the one suitable to you and make sure to keep in it your daily makeup kit.


Foundation is apparently the toughest element of your makeover habit to get a proper and great look. You have to choose your foundation according to your skin tone and the type of coverage you want. Apply some foundation in your face in case you decide to visit a party after office.

Keeping this product in your daily makeup kit will ensure that you look no less beautiful than others at an event or a party. You can get your foundation purchased from any well-known brand. But as per beauticians, purchasing it from Lakme or Sephora will enhance your look to a greater extent.

Powder brush

Now that you have already added foundation in your must-have makeup list, a fluffy powder brush is all you need to help set your foundation. It is a great idea to buy a cosmetic powder brush that is small and tiny.

This is due to the fact that it will help you blend your foundation in a better way. A larger brush may end up leaving impressions on your face which later need to be blended. That is why a small brush is the one you should have in your daily makeup kit.

Highlighter brush

A highlighter brush is needed to set the powdery portions in your under eye area. Also, it will help you blend the highlighter when you apply it later on the distinguished features of your faces, jaw, etc. In this case, it is also recommended to use a smaller brush like the powder brush so that it helps you blend the highlighter evenly and beautifully. Furthermore, it saves a lot of space in your makeup bag.

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