What Does It Cost to Move Your House?

Moving your house does not mean physically moving your house by digging it out of the ground and taking it to another location. Moving house simply means you are moving from one place to another, i.e., from one house to another, by taking all your belongings with you.

No doubt, you need to hire a moving company to get moving services to transport your luggage and other belongings to your new house. Usually, the moving companies charge you per hour as the average rate is 100 to 115 dollars per hour for moving small items using two movers.

The moving companies not only provide you with transport service but also help in packing your luggage. For example, if you want moving out services, the removalists will pack your boxes, tape them, load and unload furniture, provide transportation, and many more services.

Here are some of the factors on which the moving cost depends:

·      Weight and Size

The companies providing moving out or moving in services, consider the width and length of the structure square per foot before giving you a quote.

The size of the structure matters a lot because there is a great difference between moving an 800 square foot cottage than moving a 5000 square foot house.

Weight is also an important factor to consider as the moving companies also charge you depending upon the weight of your belongings.

For example, the estimated cost for moving 3500 pounds is $240-$500. Considering the weight of the goods is important because the number of vehicles is greatly dependent on it.

If you have a lot of belongings, more vehicles will be required that will result in increasing the total moving cost. The number of vehicles will be increased with the increase in the weight of your belongings.

·      Shape and Structure

The moving companies charge differently depending upon the shape and structure of the house.

For example, it takes less time to move a house whose shape is 3000 square-foot rectangular and is two-story as compared to the house that is single-story, 3000 square-foot, and has wings at odd angles. So, the shape matters a lot.

The moving cost also depends upon the structure where there are different types of structures such as double brick, block, masonry veneer, log, terra-cotta tile, etc. No doubt, every type of building can be moved, but it costs differently.

·      Route Obstacles

Total moving costs also depend upon route obstacles. For example, if you are moving to a new house that is near your old house, there will be minimal obstacles. If the roads are not wide, then it may cost you more, even if you are moving a few yards.

·      Time and Labor

Time is considered one of the important factors to consider while getting a quote for the total moving cost. It is because distance matters a lot. If your new house is a very long distance from your old house, it will cost you accordingly. You might be charged per hour of moving.

The final moving cost also depends upon the labor. For example, if you need urgent moving service involving moving out service and transport, you will require about five to six workers that could help you pack your belongings and move out. Thus, the increased number of labor results in increasing the moving cost.

If you want experts to move your house, they need tech machinery and equipment. No doubt, the cost of hiring experts is more than hiring ordinary people.

The home moving companies visit your current house and the new house where you are moving before giving you a quote to calculate the total moving cost.

·      Height of Foundation

The height and type of foundation are also other factors that are important in calculating the total moving cost. Some old houses sit on rubble or stone foundations.

You should know that basement height or crawl space also plays a vital role in total moving cost. It is the area where the steel beam platform is installed to carry the house.

For example, if the basement height is less than three feet, it may result in adding significant time to the moving project to excavate the dirt, which is important for the installation of the lifting steel.

On the other hand, the tall crawl spaces of a house are very easy to work with and thus can save you money.

·      Accessories

The accessories play a vital role in the total moving cost. These accessories may include fireplaces, chimneys, balconies, decks, porches, garages, etc. But these are the time-consuming tasks that can result in increasing the total cost of moving the project.

Moving a house with the accessories intact is considered easier and cheaper as compared to removing and rebuilding them.

·      Working Space

The workspace also matters a lot when calculating the total moving cost. If there is inadequate working space around your house, it will cost you more than usual.

The reason behind the increase in total cost is that it will take more time than usual to complete the project. Plus, the price of the lift and move also adds.

If the moving company does not have enough storage space to keep its standard equipment used for moving, then it might have to use the smaller equipment.

This equipment will need to be installed by hand or using smaller machines. It does not prevent the movers from moving, but it affects the overall moving cost.


The moving cost depends upon different factors; that’s why the moving cost of every building is different.

It greatly depends upon the weight of goods, the structure of your house, type and height of foundation, the distance between your current and new house, and many other factors. Usually, the moving cost ranges from $15,000 to $200,000.

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