The name Anarkali reminds every woman the legendary love of Anarkali with Mughal prince Salim and this is one of the reasons why anarkali suits have conquered the hearts of every woman.  Melting with the body curves this unique ethnic attire makes every woman a queen bee of any occasion.

No matter, if you are a teenager, or in the prime of your youth or a pampering old beauty; your wardrobe is never complete if you do not have at least one of these ethnic dresses. Be it a wedding, social gathering, an award giving ceremony or a religious festivity, these suits can showcase the best of your beauty with their mesmerizing charm.

What To Look For Before Buying Anarkali Dresses

Wearing anarkali suits delivers a wonderful modern look blended with traditional theme and these also happen to be very much popular among the Bollywood divas. So why not buy one for your own?

But, picking the right designer anarkali suit that will present you best is not an easy job. There is a plethora of anarkali dress designs available in the market for all occasions. You should know what to choose because the suit will not let you be impressive unless it flatters your beauty covering the body flaws and highlighting the points where you fair.

Here are some of the things that you should consider before buying one.

  1. Look whether the design fits you

You can never get a thing that fits everyone. So you have to consider your body type first, and make your purchase accordingly. In case you have a pear shaped body with heavier thighs and hips than your waist and shoulder, you should go for a designer anarkali suit of floor length with a V-shaped or plunging neck for highlighting the upper body. If you have rectangle shape with same size bust, hip and waist slightly smaller; you may opt for layered and frock style suits with wide and deep necklines.  Women of Apple shape having large bust, broad shoulder and narrow hips look best in suits with broader hemlines and V-necks and in case you are lucky to have an hour glass body with same size bust and hip with a narrow waist you can choose any suit; but see that it melts on your curves.

  1. Consider the Fabric and color

Fabric and color come next after you have chosen your anarkali dress designs for women. The suits are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. For women bestowed with beautiful curves the lighter fabric like chiffon, crepe etc is the best option. But, when you are slim, fabrics like silk, brocade etc is right for you. These suits are available in a wide range of vibrant colors; you have to strike a balance between the theme and the color you prefer to make the right purchase.

  1. Consider Length

Tall women have enough choices for length of the anarkali attire. They can have a floor length or a short length dress to display their beautiful legs. However, opting for a floor length is always better to draw attention. Even if you are a petite woman, you need not worry. Choose a mid-length dress that will complement your legs and make you look taller.

  1. Consider right flare

Elegance is behind the attraction of anarkali suits. These are embellished with brocades and embroideries. Choose the right flare that goes well with your personality and the theme of the occasion.

  1. Consider the accessories

Accessories also play an important part in improving your personality and, therefore, your dress and jewelry should complement each other. Matching ‘dupatta’ and shawls should also be considered for making your presence felt.


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