Android includes and vary in many options to customize your Smartphone device as you like. You can change your home screen and icons look more attractive with some related applications Themer. Jelly Bean Latest updated version 4.3 make your smartphone device more attractive different accounts with containing selected applications. Android is a form which customizes your smartphone in many ways like a great taste in your mouth. In comparing to IOS doesn’t show much customizing applications to users.


In Android sharing has many features compared to iOS has limited. On Android sharing is easier with a wide range of application accesses. In Android users can share their things from some top applications like, WhatsApp, Viber, We Chat, True Caller and many more featured applications. As iOS is lack of many share options which behinds with basic options like Text, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker. Sharing in Android makes source for all installed applications which has a priority of sharing enable, this makes easy to share files in Android iOS.

Why Android Is Most Preferred Compared To IOS 7

Third-Party Applications

You will find many third party applications in the Google Play store. For example, if you are fed up with your operating in Android you can simply find or switch to some attractive themer which totally changes your smartphone style which is featured with many different themes (example of a theme are Go Launcher, Themer). Not only changes your themes you can find some attractive keyboard which make your typing in a new way with new day. While with iOS these featured applications are not available, they only fix with default options.


Commonly everyone knows that starting from all apple devices need iTunes application to load your favorite songs to the music player. Not only music you need iphoto to access your photos and gallery many more with only some related applications from PC to iOS. While coming to android device noting cares about it you only need USB, Bluetooth, to simply share your things from PC to your device. This makes you work easier anywhere or anyplace. No need to carry some special application to access your Android device.


Both devices are having major competitive applications in user major need. While you try to sign-in Gmail in iOS in finding a single path of function. Here in Android device if you sign-in with one user Google account to access a Google Play store it find a source to run applications like Facebook, Gmail, Google+ and any other Google powered applications.