sulfate free shampoo reviews

Sulfates are strong chemicals that are responsible for making lather and cleansing dirt and debris from household cleaning products as well as cosmetic products like shampoos and conditioners.

There is much material out there, especially on the net about sulfate free shampoo reviews. Nowadays consumers are becoming aware of the benefits of chemical  free shampoo and are looking for the label ‘sulfate free’ while shopping for hair cleansing products.

Why Do You Need To Consider Sulfate free Shampoo Reviews?

The major Sulfate free shampoo benefits:

Non Sulfate shampoo and conditioner keep hair healthy. The first benefit is that such shampoos cause reduced irritation. Because sulfate is   a harsh chemical, it causes areas of your scalp to be dry and itchy. If you face chronic irritation of the scalp after using shampoo or conditioner while washing your hair, the culprit might be the sulfates present in these hair cleansing products. Sometimes, sulfates can cause dry, sore and itchy spots on the scalp. Using products without this chemical can produce marvelous results.

Another benefit of sulfate free formula is that it helps keep safe natural oils and maintains shiny, healthy hair. Though oil is not very desirable, it will keep the hair shiny and healthy. Gentle shampoo will cleanse hair without removing natural oil. Natural oils prevent hair from becoming dry, brittle and unmanageable. The goal is to have healthy, shiny hair without excessive oil- this can be done by no sulfate shampoos.

Other reasons to why use sulfate free shampoo

Shampoos free from sulfate are ideal for colored hair. Women use dyes or hair color as a great way to get a new look or just to cover grays. But the longevity of hair color depends much on your hair care regimen.  A good non sulfate shampoo and leave in conditioner will enhance the longevity of your hair color. They reduce fading of color and cut the frequency of visit to the hair salon for re-coloring your hair.

Chemical free shampoo are also good for your health. The sulfates applied on the head will be absorbed by the liver, which can cause serious long term damage. Also, sulfates can mimic the effects of hormone Estrogen, causing hormonal imbalance in women. To top it all, there is the urban legend that sulfates are carcinogenic, but governments have not banned this chemical in this regard.

Sulfate free shampoo for African American hair

African American hair ranges from wavy to tight curly. One of the crucial problems faced by this type of hair is the inability to retain moisture. Such hair is prone to be dry, brittle and frizzy. Washing with sulfates can end up in your hair like a cloud of frizz. Also, sulfates damage hair follicles, thus causing hair fall without replenishing the hair with new strands. This reduces the volume of hair on the head. So go in for sulfate free to have healthy, rich and manageable hair.


These are some of the benefits of sulfate less shampoo for all hair types. Do some research on sulfate free shampoo brands, try them and decide on the product best suited to you.