There has been plenty of talk in the social media circles about the real value of Facebook for businesses. It is a great platform for businesses and there is a lot of value in focusing on this social media platform when you are trying to boost your business. It is also very good place to be if you are developing an app.

Here are some of the reasons why Facebook is so essential for app developers.

Reach More People

You need to implement the use of Facebook for your app as well as your marketing strategy. And this is quite simply because almost everyone uses social media these days.

The chances are that at least half of your app users also have a Facebook profile and getting them to use and talk about your app on Facebook will mean that more people learn about your app.

Boost Your Online Visibility

It is also true that social media is crucial for improving your SEO efforts. And the better your SEO strategy is the better your app’s visibility online will be. You can really boost your online presence by having a strong social media campaign. Just by integrating Facebook for your app and your website can really enhance your chances of success.

Better Integration

Using social media like Facebook also guarantees that all the different aspects of your business are better integrated. You can use your app to connect people with your Facebook page and then you can use Facebook page to connect people with your website, which in turn helps people find out more about your app and business.

Why Facebook Is Essential For App Developers

This kind of integration is very efficient when it comes to brand building. It can really guarantee that the different aspects of your business link together and that you need to spend less time worrying about marketing prospects.

An App Is Always Better Than An Ad

You also need to keep in mind that not only do you want your app to have a Facebook page and a marketing campaign in place but you also want to have a Facebook app.

This is quite simply because having an app on Facebook is much more effective than just running a Facebook ad, for example. People find apps more engaging and fun and it is much better in building your brand image than just having a simple clickable ad trying to attract people.

Creating Facebook apps isn’t even hard. There are plenty of software tools using C++ and helping you to bring your app into life on different platforms. Check out businesses such as Marmalade for more information.

Remember To Include It Early

The above benefits make Facebook really essential for app developers. But there are still plenty of businesses out there that don’t realise this importance in the early stages of app development. Social media often still comes as an afterthought for many businesses.

This article at the Entrepreneur website talks about how it is important to think about Facebook in the early part of your app development. It is crucial that you incorporate the social aspect for your app right from the start.

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