Why First Aid Training Is Beneficial For Parents And Carers

Why is it beneficial for parents and carers to undertake First Aid training?

As a parent or carer, you will understand the immense responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of your children at all times. Having knowledge of First Aid can mean the difference between a permanent disability or even in some cases a fatality and saving a child.

During the initial fight or flight response, some parents may endanger the lives of their children due to their lack of knowledge in basic first aid.

Being able to identify an emergency

Identifying an emergency means that you will know when it is imperative to take the child in your care to a professional health care facility such as A&E. If you have gone through a first aid training course, you will feel calmer and be informed about how it is appropriate to react to the emergency before you. As a result of this, you will be able to avoid wasting precious time at a hospital if it isn’t necessary.

The first aid training Norwich provides can be incredibly helpful in identifying the severity of the issue at hand and the appropriate action to take.

Providing immediate attention for minor issues

If you are a trained First Aider, you will be equipped to handle minor cases. These include bruises, choking, irritations, and more. For example, many parents can empathize with the fear of their child choking. When this occurs in your presence there is no choice but to act immediately as every second count in this situation.

Imagine, how much more at ease and better able to respond you would be if you had undergone proper training of the Heimlich technique and back blows? This could bring an immense sense of peace of mind when caring for your own children or others.

The responsibility of being a primary carer

Depending on the age of the child, it is likely that as a parent or career you will be spending more time with your children than anyone else. Although there is a responsibility and a duty of care as a caregiver of a child, there is only so much that can be done in terms of preventative measures that can be put in place to ensure a child’s safety. It’s important to remember that accidents don’t always happen due to the neglect of the parent, there are many incidents when they simply could not have been helped- sometimes it can only take turning your back for a split second to find your child in a potentially dangerous situation.

Undertaking a first aid course can give you confidence and put you at ease in all situations, knowing you will be able to respond efficiently if anything unfortunate were to ever occur.

Being able to give the first response

There are some medical emergencies that require immediate attention in order to prevent the injury from worsening. As aforementioned, the first people on the scene of a child’s emergency are likely to be the primary caregiver. Being in a position where you are educated in knowing whether you can intervene in the early stages or even knowing the appropriate positioning in which to move the child can have a dramatic effect on the severity of the injury, in some cases what you will learn on the first aid course will suffice and professional treatment will not be required.

As a parent, in a state of shock and panic, you may lift your child in an improper way potentially causing more harm than good. That being said, always remember to contact a professional if you are unsure about which measures to take or the symptoms are worsening.

Providing you with confidence and peace of mind

Having more confidence in your ability to care for your child will motivate you to undertake First Aid training for parents and carers. Many dangerous mistakes can occur when the carer or parent fails to regain composure quickly in a state of panic regarding the welfare of their child. As we all know accidents and mistakes can happen. When you have completed First Aid training you will have the ability to remain calm and act with an educated intention. This will bring you a newfound sense of peace whenever you are in the presence of your children.

Handling severe situations

In any situation with the presence of your children, an unforeseen emergency can arise at any time.  In some unfortunate cases, there may be a very short span of time before the injury could become fatal. Every parent or carer’s worst nightmare is potentially losing their child, undertaking a First Aid training course may help to give you the tools and education you need to cope in these rare yet severe and potentially fatal instances, empowering you as a parent to be able to protect your child.

To conclude

Parents and carers can make an inconceivable improvement in their abilities as a parent by undertaking a First Aid course. This can have a huge difference in preparing them to handle minor injuries as well as emergencies that can save a child’s life. These courses will also provide you with the ability to identify emergencies when they strike.

First Aid Training Courses can prepare parents and carers to differentiate between a professional referral and a more minor First Aid case that can be dealt with in the home or the scene. Even before an incident occurs there will be an underlying knowledge of the appropriate response.

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