Why Small Businesses In New York Should Think About Forming An LLC

In the greatest city in the word a.k.a New York City, a.k.a the big apple a.k.a the city that never sleeps you can always find something very interesting. Whether it’s sights, food, culture, religion, fashion, clubs, bars, bands, music, hot dogs, sports, gadgets and many more (believe me it’s all here).

New York has this beautiful mess feels to it that merges everything pretty nicely. It’s like a pizza that has everything but the kitchen sink. It’s big, messy, oily, greasy, cheesy, meaty just like the way you wanted and it all blends in pretty well with each other giving you this rich experience that you won’t find in any pizza dish and in this instance it’s the city.

New York is never short of businesses from various industries: Big, medium and small, it’s all here and you can find it anywhere you go. That is why LLCs thrive here, and that is because of small businesses.

LLC (Limited Liability Company): is not for any business structures and size. A much bigger company can opt for a corporation or an enterprise rather than an LLC. Besides an LLC set-up will just hold them back. For a small business, this is what they look into and study because LLCs has been found to work great with companies that are small and in a smaller setting.

LLC helps solve the liability and the taxation concerns: of the members and business owners, utilizing the law to protect their interests. And this makes perfect sense because unlike big businesses, small business has little or no (i’m in trouble) funds. Not all small businesses can get up after they are down. LLC may not be able to prevent a small business to close but it makes sure that the personal property of the members and it’s owners will be unaffected when a company goes downhill.

It’s a bad scenario but it’s the truth: It’s real life and it does happen to small businesses and if it does happen or before that happens you need to make sure that you’re covered from any liability. Forming an LLC is certainly a good option for small companies but forming one is easier said than done. It’s tasking and getting help is even pricey. But it doesn’t have to be like that as long as you know where to look for help. Presenting Windsor Corporate Services, you aid in forming an LLC. Check out their packages:

Standard Package:         

$235 (includes State filing fee)

  • lifetime customer support (unlimited).
  • 24 hours order processing.
  • Free Name Availability search.
  • Preparation & filing of all formation documents.
  • Disbursement of all requisite State fees.
  • Electronic delivery of all formation documents the Same Day of filing.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Ultimate Package:         

$499 (includes State filing fee)

  • You get all the benefits of the Standard Package plus more:
  • Certified true copy of formation documents.
  • Full Corporate Kit.
  • Vinyl 3-ring Binder with matching slipcase.
  • Hand embossing seal (w/ pouch).
  • Customized Stock Certificates.
  • Customized Minutes & Bylaws.
  • EIN SS-4 Form for easy preparation and filing.
  • Expedited State filing fees.

Why Small Businesses In New York Should Think About Forming An LLC

With Windsor, you can be sure that you are in good hands and 150% a lot cheaper as well too! It’s absurd how other LLC forming companies charge small business for wad amounts of cash. But with Windsor, you can be sure that you’re in good hands and your goal to form an LLC is within your reach. How cheap? Certainly cheaper than the iPhone X and it starts here:https://windsorcorporateservices.com/product/publication-order-form/ because there is no place to better put up a business than in NYC especially when you are secured and have a peace of mind.

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