Why We Get Sick?

Apparently it is not an absurdity of affected because there may be some objective reasons that favor the fact that some people tend to get sick when they have a few days of relaxation that takes them from stress and the usual routine that complain a lot but which, basically, they are hooked.

So far this year, you’ve been sick longer heals. You are beginning to suspect that you have a particular ability to get sick … But chances are that your situation is explained by these reasons.

Why We Get Sick?

  1. Chronic Stress

When you’re under constant stress, your immune system is fully deregulated, according to the illustrated a study. As a result, much more vulnerable tables will both infections such as all types of autoimmune diseases. We have talked about the stress, but you know something more about it: never appears alone, but is accompanied by an army of willing to fight to the end to achieve its objective consequences.

  1. Nutritional Deficiencies

How balanced is your diet? Well, if you do not want to keep getting sick in this way, you will have to try to improve. Otherwise, your body does not have everything it needs to perform its functions properly. And it is this failure that can result in serious health problems.

  1. Poor Rest

During sleep, your body regenerates. Therefore, if you do not agree this time, how do you expect to continue working well? If you do not give away your body seven hours daily rest will alter your circadian rhythm and sleep patterns. And these effects are a real magnet for diseases.

  1. Lack of Movement

A sedentary lifestyle is not only dangerous to increase the risk of obesity. So it is because it undermines good circulation and proper nutrition and oxygenation of your body tissues. To avoid this, then it is recommended that you make time for physical 5 times a week activity. Thus, you keep your metabolism at a good pace and you will ensure good circulation.

  1. Disconnecting the Essentials

You’re so boring responsibilities you’ve disconnected you from the most important. Hardly have you seen the sun, while you’re not in touch with nature and each time you drink less water. The result? Vitamin D deficiency, inflammation and dehydration. Nothing good can come of this picture…

Now it all made sense? Great! This is the first step to give your life a 180 ° and connect, once and for all, health.