Winter - The Connoisseurs’ Season

Winter is the season with the lowest temperatures of the year and thus, is the coldest season of the year between autumn and spring. This season witnesses shorter days and longer nights. (This phenomenon of the shortest days and weakest radiation occurs during the three months of November, December, and January in the Northern Hemisphere. While it witnesses the end of a year and the beginning months of the new year in the northern hemisphere, winter occurs during May, June and July in the Southern hemisphere. In the morning, we witness the surrounding full of fog. Added to that, we have breeze that adds to the chill of the winter mornings. For the connoisseurs, this season provides muse more of than not, and we can see that so many writers made frequent reference to winter and a lot of stories have been set on a cold winter morning- in the neighbourhood, in the woods, at the workplace, etc. It could be anywhere, but these couple of words add lots of zing to the story.

Winter - The Connoisseurs’ Season

It makes apt time to quote what Edith Sitwell has to say about winter. The quote goes like this, “The winter season is the time for relaxation, for great food and also warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand as well as for a chat next to the fire: this is basically the time period for residence.” This shows how winter can make a family bonding better by uniting all the family members at one place for a nice chat over coffee and snacks around the fire. Such is the beauty of winter that we have greenery all around and birds chirping. We do not feel like getting off the bed. And we cuddle ourselves in the warmth of our woollen sheets. The Sun shines mild and warm during the winter season that it feels like our pleasant friend. The path around the park looks dry and seems to be welcoming us to enjoy our morning walk. We have to dare the chill to enjoy the best of the winter season- the winter mornings in open air. It gives such freshness and a kick start to our day that we seem to be almost tireless through the day and we do not feel like ‘it’s evening’ when the actual office closure time is announced.

In certain places, winter is so cold that the regular office and school timings are changed every year owing to the winter chill. In some countries, to offset the time lost in the evening, offices and schools start unusually early in the morning and close a little after the noon is over. Such is the telling effect that winter has on our daily lives. We have another reason to rejoice the onset of winter. Crops grow well and give good harvest bringing joy to the peasant folk. This means that the people of the country have enough to eat. Economically, this carries lots of weight in the form of controlling inflation. Thus, winter holds lots of significance in our years (it adds life to years) and in the economies worldwide.

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