family holiday
family holiday

If you are planning a long holiday trip then you must consider Yamba in Australia. Yamba is a town situated in northern New South Wales, and is among the most popular holiday destinations as it has numerous beautiful rivers, beaches and parks. According to many scientists Yamba has one of the best climate conditions that are temperate winters and warm summers, thus it is one of the most popular holiday destination in Australia.

Yamba – A Perfect Family Holiday Destination

The long stretched beaches, outstanding holiday resorts, beach and river activities and fun things to do here catch the attention of the tourists and hence, the footfall here is high throughout the year. Apart from the exciting places and activities, the place is also known for its fine dining facilities, golf courses and charming village. With the place getting popular among the tourists, several travel companies have started offering holiday packages to this place. You can use Yatra to get a return trip planned within your budget.

Various Tourist Attractions in Yamba, Australia

There are many tourist attractions and many adventures to perform in Yamba and some of the tourist attractions are listed below –

  • Angourie Blue Pool– it is a pool with nice blue coloured water and is very much deep. You will have to walk a small distance from the car parking area to visit the Angourie Blue Pool. It is one of the most famous swimming destinations of the place.
  • Pippi beach­ – Pippi beach is another popular tourist location in Yamba. It is the best place to enjoy the sun and the waves of the Pacific Ocean and the best part is many facilities like parking, picnic tables, toilet etc. are also available on the beach.
  • Mara Creek picnic area – as it says it is a picnic spot thus it is but it serves as the home for various birds which are active only in spring and summer season. The picnic spot is also the starting point of the Angourie walking track. Thus, by visiting the area you can experience natural beauty.
  • Brooms head – it is another famous tourist destination in Yamba; the place is a small park at the sea side. If you are looking for a quite clam and smooth holiday, then the place is a must visit for you as it is located on the side of the sea thus offers all what you need.

If you are planning the, make sure to plan it in the off season as you might get discounts while booking the tickets as well as in booking hotels. However, if you wish to save money while travelling during the peak season, you can consider booking the tickets using flywidus offers. It is a great way to save money.

If you have the hobby of keeping collectibles, you can explore the shops in Yamba which are generally stretched in the two streets. But you will get everything that you need.

The accommodation facilities are also immense and there is no need to panic about your stay when visiting the city.


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