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Marble iPhone Case

  iPhone marble cases. Not actually marble of course, but gives a deceiving look of being real stone. And costs just $1 with a free shipping. You can get it here.

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8 Color LED Glowing Sneakers

  These sneakers are glowing with eight different colors. Also they have a glowing shoe laces as an option and charged via USB. Price is $22 right now. Why is it cool? Glowing in the dark, eight colors and USB charged. Where...

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1:32 Classic Dodge Charger Toy Model

  A classic Dodge Charger diecast 1:32 scale toy car for $11. It has some additional bells and whistles - you can open all doors, hood and trunk, turn on head and tail lights and also it has some music playing.

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Cup which shows horror pic when hot

This cup is plain black at first but when filled with hot drink it gradually starts showing a horror pic. Why is it cool? Would be definitely attract attention from your co-workers or friends. Where to get? You can get it here