4 Effective Tips To Memorize Physics Formulas

Remembering formulas are really difficult, isn’t it? But what do you think, why remembering them are this difficult? Basically starting from chemistry to physics, there are a lot of formulas for every subject. By the time you reach higher classes, the number of formulas increase and so their difficulty levels and it is natural that anyone will be confused with so many formulas. So, to beat this confusion you need to memorize these formulas in a proper way. But you can not take a book, read it and memorize everything at one go. Memorizing cannot be achieved with hard work but it is an art. Let’s make it easy for you and make you memorize the physics formulas like a pro!

4 Effective Tips To Memorize Physics Formulas

Here are some tried and tested tricks to remember Physics formulas fast and forever:

  • Relate Formulas with Concepts: When you get practical approach to any topic, you start relating them and hence it remains in your mind for a longer period of time. For an instance, formulas of difficult topics like Thermodynamics, Newtons Laws of Motion, Ohm’s law and much more can be learnt with visuals. Then linking the formulas with concepts will improve the way of understanding and will help you in learning the formulas in a faster and easier manner.
  • Practice Formulas Without the Help of Formula Sheet: If you simply learn the formulas by heart then it is not going to retain in your mind for a longer period of time. Even if you are able to remember the formulas for a certain period of time, in order to memorize these formulas you have to practice problems related to them so that you get a clear idea about their application. Repetition is the only way to strengthen Memorization. Solve as many problems as you can without looking at your formula sheet or without referring to your book. After solving the numerical also check the unit, the method and the answer to etch the formulas in your mind forever.
  • Maintain a List of Formulas: While learning any new language, we generally keep a dictionary with us for reference and to learn the language easily and effectively. In the same manner, you can maintain a list of formulas at one place in a paper, so that whenever you get stuck in any numerical you can simply refer to the formula sheet and go on solving the numerical without any hassle. You can also stick this formula sheet somewhere in your study room so that you can update it easily and can refer to it when needed.
  • Use Mnemonic Device to Memorize: This is one of the effective ways to learn formulas easily and in a more fun way. Your teacher must have taught you some mnemonic devices for some formulas such as for the order and the colour of the rainbow i.e. “ VIBGYOR” which is Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. Hence you can also learn formulas for other topics in physics such as ampere, relativity and much more with the help of mnemonic devices.

Where there is a will, there’s way. So, just go on and learn the formulas in a much smarter way than ever. Hopefully,  this article has helped you in memorizing physics formulas.

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