All About ITIL Certification and Its Importance

Managing a huge amount of data is a big task for any IT professional. ITIL is an institute which offers effective management strategies that help the IT professionals in addressing these challenges. The ITIL certification helps the software professionals who are interested in advancing their skill sets and knowledge regarding the ITIL framework. Here we will try to understand the basics of the ITIL Certification along with the number of benefits one can enjoy:

All About ITIL Certification and Its Importance

Levels of ITIL Certification

There are several levels that are prescribed under this accredited ITIL course and the various levels would often depend upon the expertise and qualification of a candidate. The professionals who are interested in advancing their knowledge regarding the ITIL framework should consider all the four levels of ITIL certifications, which are discussed below:

Foundation Level- This is regarded as the first level of ITIL certification. This level helps the professionals to build the basic concepts and terminology of ITIL Services Support and the Service Delivery.  In order to be eligible for this level, all the candidates are required to have a general understanding of ITIL along with the different implementation methods at the workplace.

Intermediate Level- In this level of ITIL certification one can find a number of educational modules as per the needs of the IT professional. In fact there are two key sections of this level – Service Lifecycle and Service Capability. In order to complete this level a candidate is required to pass one more module called the “ITIL Managing across the Lifecycle” qualification. Once you qualify this level you end up getting the Expert Level certification.

Expert Level- This level of ITIL Certification offers the candidates with the required skills and knowledge that further help in getting a clear understanding of the complete ITIL scheme. The course contents of this level are simply offered in the form of a number of modules to choose from. In order to qualify for this certification, a candidate is supposed to have thorough knowledge of the entire ITIL service lifecycle.

Master Level- This level is designed for all those ITIL professionals who are involved in a number of things like planning, managing and operating a number of service management functions of an IT industry. With this level of certification one can widen and strengthen the practical usage of ITIL knowledge in a number of industry application types.

The Importance of ITIL Certification

ITIL is considered to be a pre-eminent framework designed simply to help & manage the IT service delivery all over the globe. The ITIL Certification helps in improving and advancing the competitive edge of the ITprofessionals at various positions of the IT industry like the IT managers, business analysts, IT consultants and directors. Owing to the presence of a number of benefits that come along with the ITIL certification a number of companies and business groups have started executing the same. It has simply boosted up the requirement for ITIL professionals in a wide range of domains like education, healthcare, tourism, ITES companies and other groups. In fact, with ITIL Certification one can find a wide range of opportunities in the market.

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