Owning a horse means that you need to make sure the animal gets plenty of exercise and care. One of the ways that you can have fun while exercising your horse is by setting up horse jumps. You can get used horse jumps online or from people who no longer use them for their horses. Another option would be to make your own jumps with materials that you can usually get from farms or from hardware stores. When you’re building the jumps, think about the experience that the horse has with jumping and horse’s agility. The size of the horse should also be considered as those that are smaller might not be able to jump as high as those that have longer legs.
You can create horse jumps that feature fun television or movie characters. Use bright colors so that the designs will stand out while you’re galloping through the field. Consider making a jump with a base on the ground instead of a fence that is seen with many jump designs. An angled jump is an option to consider if you want to challenge your horse. However, you need to make sure your horse has the strength and agility to jump at an angle.
Design a jump using tires instead of wood. Paint the tires to look like fun characters. Create a jump that begins on a lower level of the field and ends on an upper level. This jump should be one that is thought out considerably well because of the potential for the horse getting hurt if it misses the landing. If you want another challenge, then create jumps that are in a diagonal design so that your horse is jumping from one direction to another in a short distance. When you’re creating horse jumps, you can use your imagination to get just what you want that will keep your horse active and mentally healthy.