Crucial Steps For The Global Education

The development in technology which we all are enjoying today is just because of the slight percentage of the world which is educated enough to invent such wonders, and much more are still in the pipeline. If such a small number of people did this miraculous thing with their knowledge and education, imagine what if we somehow manage to take education to here, there and everywhere in this world.

This is not a small and easy thing which I am wondering here. This dream is so immense that every problem of this world could end just by achieving this dream. So, what are the necessary steps that the world should take to end illiteracy and to achieve this utopian dream of not just having an educated country but the whole globe?

Crucial Steps For The Global Education

Some of these steps are written below.

Proper Funding:

Funding is the most important thing to achieve the reality of such dream. But unfortunately this modern world is keen to invest in wars more than in education. While the UN global partnership for education is pushing every country to invest more in education, the global donor aid for education is decreasing at an alarming rate. The UN global partnership for education is working to get the proper funding from their partners and have the actual figures to take the first step towards an educated earth which should be meet in the near future to create the right environment for quality education.

Trained Teachers:

Teachers act as a key to unlocking the doors of the literary world. But this key is not in the proper shape at all. There are many problems regarding teachers in the world. And these problems vary with the different part of the world. There are some parts of the world where they have enough numbers of teachers but most of them are not capable enough with both talent and education to transfer proper education among the young ones. In some parts the numbers of teachers are so small that they only have one teacher over hundred plus students. And there are some unfortunate parts too where both of these problems are present. The world needs to work around this issue one by one and step by step to get the real architects of this educated world dream.

More Schools:

Having more schools is evident to get this dream. Children in many countries like African or South Asian are either drag to study in the overcrowded classrooms, or the class doesn’t have any walls and roof and children don’t have any other option than sitting under the open sky.


These all steps are useless without spreading proper awareness in the countries where education is not considered to be as essential as food and shelter by the masses. This is where everyone has to step up to make the world aware of the importance of education and what should it mean to anyone. The governments are not only responsible here, corporate sector here also needs to step up because they are the one who know how to do the marketing and masses often get influenced by them easily instead of their governments.

Make It Affordable:

It is sorrowful to see that the students of the countries like America and England are compelled to take loans and do mortgage to get admission into the colleges and ending up in buy cheap dissertation from online writing services. Conversely, this situation is worst in underdeveloped countries where masses are even deprived of basic education. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly states that the access to primary education is the fundamental right of every individual and the barriers like poverty and lack of money should not come in between of this. Governments and human rights organizations are entirely responsible for making sure that every citizen of their country should have complete access to this fundamental right and the bodies like United Nations should make sure that all the authorities in the different countries are acting according to this declaration.


These all steps are not new and everyone knows this. All we have to do is to start implementing on this from today because the road to educated earth is way too long but we have to take the start from somewhere so maybe our future generations can able to breathe in a highly advanced and educated world.

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