Agriculture is the backbone of the country playing a crucial role in the growth of Indian economy. Approx. 60 per cent of Indian workforce is involved in agriculture, which is largest than any other Indian sector. Spread over vast areas of farming, crops, horticulture, floriculture and food products, agri-business is the witnessing a abrupt rise in the current scenario. However, to learn about how this sector works and different dimensions offered, you need to first complete graduation in Agriculture.

Giving A Direction To Your Future After BSC In Agriculture

B.Sc. in Agriculture allows entry to wide variety of jobs. The central and state departments of agriculture shall appoint graduates with good package. The hired specialists will be responsible for the development  and consulting about the crops, seeds, farm implementation and extension work at the block development level.   Bsc Agriculture colleges in UP  and other states are equipped with state-of-the-art labs allowing students to get hands on experience.

Before learning about the scope, let us check the subjects offered in the program:

  • Agronomy: Students are given the basic knowledge of Agronomy. The subject includes- Field Crops, Crop Production, Weed Management, Irrigation Techniques, Water Resource Management and sustainable Agriculture. Students are also given practical knowledge in this subject.
  • Plant Genetics: Also known as Botany, the subject includes the basics of Genetics, Plant Breeding, Seed Technology, Basics of B.Tech and others. Students are also provided with practical sessions of the subject.
  • Soil Science: The subject introduces different aspects of soil. This includes- Soil Fertility, Soil Chemistry, Fertilizers and Agricultural Chemistry.

Along with above mentioned subjects, aspirants can also choose options of Agri-Botany, Agri-Biotechnology, Agri-Chemistry, Agri-Extension and Social Forestry.

Degree in agriculture offers diverse curriculum helping students to choose as per the interested areas. Students have the options in physical, biological, chemical and computer science. Agriculture offers a good  for journalists who want to explore and write about agriculture sector in India. If number excites you, then Mathematical Statistics is the best option to go for.

The Career Opportunities:

B.Sc Agriculture colleges in Uttar Pradesh or any other state in India offer good job opportunities for aspirants after completing the degree. Since agriculture is the crucial area for Indian economy, insurance companies and banks hire graduates for higher post. For graduates, there are regular job opportunities in organizations like National Seeds Corporation, Food Corporation of India, Warehousing Corporation and Fertilizer Corporation of India.

The Work:

Agriculture graduate have different work options which can be directly on farms or agri-business. These roles include- Farm Consultant, Commodity Market Service, Financial Advisory or any other. If you’ve a good skill in making policies, then public and private sectors look for policy makers and managers. The work includes formatting and advising about industry policy and commercial advice to companies and farmers.

Private organizations, on the other hand, look for agriculture graduate and Ph.D. holders offering high-end salary and post. Essentially, food processing or marketing department require graduate for smooth flow of business. The growth in agri-sector has generated professionals requirement and for services like export, import and rural banking.

With degree certificate in hand, agriculture graduate will have wider scope in terms of higher studies and job security.


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