Hiring A Pest Control Company – What Are The Benefits?

Finding any kind of insect or pest in a living space is usually a very unpleasant experience. It’s one thing if it’s flies or mosquitoes that accidentally flew through an open window. Pests and parasites are completely different: cockroaches, ants, fleas, bedbugs. In the second case, you need to sound the alarm and raise the issue of the urgent destruction of such “cohabitants”. 

When do you need disinsection? 

When a population of arthropods poses a danger to the health of people or animals, it creates a threat of damage to property. Where the spread of insects or mites is unacceptable, activities are carried out regularly. 

Pest control methods 

Different types of pests require different measures and means of influence. 

Physical methods

No exposure to poisons and chemicals. 

Household methods

These are mechanical cleaning of furniture and clothes, ironing, the use of nets, the placement of sticky traps, the application of gels. 

Professional methods

These include:

-surface treatment with a steamer;

-placing things in a disinfection chamber with hot air or steam;

-the use of cold fog generators for the treatment of premises and hot fog generators for large areas. 

Chemical methods

Chemical methods can be classified according to the following criteria: 

By the form of preparations:

Dust, granules, solutions, suspensions and emulsions, aerosols and gels are produced. Some drugs come in different forms. 

By the chemical composition of active ingredients 

The most common groups are: 

-pyrethroids. Including pyrmethrin, cypermethrin, cyhalothrin;

-organophosphorus compounds (FOS). These are highly toxic dichlorvos, fenthion, moderately dangerous karbofos and cyclophos;

-organochlorine compounds (COS): hexochlorane, dichloro, cyhalothrin;

-carbamates:  methomil, propocour;

-other active ingredients: boric acid, borax, preparations based on sulfluramide and fipronil, -avermectins (waste products of fungi).

BE CAREFUL! Any insecticide can harm your health. Keep them out of the reach of children and animals. 

Independent fight. Effective or not? 

Often people declare war on pests and wage it alone, without resorting to the services of specialists. One tool after another is used, and each has its effectiveness in different ways. Then it turns out that none of them has the desired effect. Traditional methods do not help at all. It becomes a pity for the money spent, personal time, own health and well-being of household members. Substances smell unpleasant, emit harmful gases and poison. The worries and doubts are replaced by despair and thoughts that you want to leave the nest that has become uncomfortable or close your office or restaurant. 

Here are the possible disadvantages that a person faces when taking independent measures: 

-Persecution of parasites, for example, pest control of cockroaches, at first turns out to be effective: insects die, and then completely leave the house. But once you relax a bit, the uninvited guests return. It is important to note here that some “Prussians” adapt to life with a person, in everyday life.

-Unprofessional killing of ants or fighting on your own is a similar problematic issue. Bugs spoil food and things, transform wooden furniture into unusable and bite unpleasantly, so you need to get rid of them once and for all. This is usually difficult for a layman to do.

-If the apartment or workplace is on the ground floor, then the current topic is the destruction of fleas. They are terrible because they carry dangerous diseases. Such parasites can settle on the skin of pets or on a fluffy carpet. It is also not easy to remove them, complex measures of influence are important.

Fighting alone is practically useless against bedbugs. These predatory insects are difficult to find, and getting rid of them is a real headache. It is important to entrust the destruction of bedbugs to specialists. 

Professional services

First of all, pest control specialists will assess the situation and begin to develop a whole range of measures aimed at getting rid of pests. It is worth noting that in fact, everything does not look so scary as many people imagine. The work of professionals is not a natural disaster for the owners of a home or work area. 


People dressed in protective suits will come. Not a crowd, but one or two people. The device resembling a vacuum cleaner will turn out to be a hand sprayer or a cold fog generator. Such equipment will not harm human and animal health. It should be noted that the use of insecticides will also be harmless. The pest controllers will give advice on how to clean the premises after their war on pests is over. 

The cost of special treatment usually outweighs the cost of struggling on your own. Experts guarantee efficiency and effectiveness. It is important to understand that pests that settle in the same room with people should not be scared away but eliminated. And the advantages of professional pest control, in this case, are obvious. 


If you have encountered this problem, we hope this article will help you. Do not delay solving this issue, because as you can see, it can only get complicated. We hope that you will get rid of the pests as soon as possible.

About the Author

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