House and garden pests can be utterly tedious little creatures. No matter how hard we wish we hadn’t had them in the house, they would keep inhabiting it unless you completely get rid of them. Rather than using toxic pesticides and harmful chemicals that are not safe for your family members and the environment, you can now use eco-friendly methods to get rid of unwanted pests once and for all. This ever-so-present problem is nothing new to Australian homeowners. Hence, instead of resorting to traditional chemical treatments, here are some of the natural ways and eco-friendly pesticides that have been proven to be as beneficial as some of the traditional options.

  • Combat insects with cedar oil

Most bugs and pests are highly sensitive to moisture loss, which is a plus for cedar oil. Many nasty insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and ants keep re-appearing even if you use some strong pesticide. An eco-friendly version of insect repellent is cedar oil. Cedarwood oil is so strong that it can totally dissolve larvae and pests at an early stage. This oil is a non-toxic insect repellent that will adequately assist you in getting rid of all commonly found house insects. The best thing is that is perfectly safe for humans and nature, so you can spray it safely on the bedding to get rid of bed bugs as well.

  • Resort to salt and aloe Vera gel to fight termites

A termite infestation signalizes that you might end up losing part of furniture or have your cabinetry or flooring damaged. Termites represent a huge problem around Cairns, and one of the safest and eco-conscious ways to get them out of your homes is to use salt and Aloe Vera gel. If you were to extract some gel and apply it on furniture, the barrier that Aloe Vera made would keep the terminates away. Do similar applications with the salt. However, you should mix salt with water and sprinkle it over infested areas. This is a thoroughly eco-friendly way to keep the terminates away, but unfortunately not very effective against these nasty pests. For that matter, if the safe and natural ways don’t work against terminates, you can always solicit the help of professional pest control from Cairns.

  • Clean your home using vinegar

No matter what type of pests and insects infested your residence, you should try to have a multi-faction pest repellent to keep them at bay however possible. Cleaning your home is the most crucial way to maintain a healthy environment, and hopefully, with this eco-friendly trick, you would keep eliminating the pests as well. Instead of using toxic-laden or hazardous chemical-filled cleaning products, switch to cleaning with natural DIY products. Mix ½ cup of vinegar, and 2 cups of water, and add around 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to make a healthy pest deterrent spray. Distilled vinegar is a good insect repellent, but not the most “smelly” one, therefore, when making this instant pest repellent solution always add peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil. Regularly wipe around the window seals and door frames where creepy crawlers usually enter. Apply this vinegar spray even if you don’t have pests straight away.

  • Resort to food waste as a pest repellent

Composting and generally collecting various food waste is another green manner to protect the planet. However, not many people know that certain food waste can help naturally repel some insects. Coffee grounds, orange, lemon, and cucumber peels are perfect natural insecticides. They can be chopped or grounded and then placed on counters and window sills to keep the mosquitoes away. Ants, for instance, don’t prefer cucumber so you can peel it and place it next to and onto their regular entry. The same goes for coffee grounds. Its strong scent repels wasps, bees, and other insects. If you want to combat spiders, you should use garlic. Try a garlic spray that is utterly productive in getting rid of these annoying insects. Blend 10 garlic cloves with 1 ½ cups of water, strain the mixture, and remove leftover pulp. Put the blend into a spray bottle and spray it in all areas where you have seen spiders. 

  • Use the power of the sun

Bed bugs, stink bugs, fleece, ants, and spiders are common household pests, and one way to make sure they don’t inhabit your home again is to use the power of the sun. A maximally eco-friendly method is to take out furniture and let it rest under the sun for a few days. Sunlight dries up any moisture present in the wood, and in that manner helps get rid of pests. Use a green soup to clean and later wipe out furniture before taking it back inside.

It’s our duty to look after the environment and do everything in our power to protect it. Using these eco-friendly methods to eliminate pests in your home is a wise and lucrative way to save Mother Nature and not cause any damage to your family and home.

About the Author

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