Is Stress And Education Are The Two Ends Of One Knot

This is true that the way our education system is going ahead, instead of producing great minds our educational institutes are working like the pressure cooker where everyone is in immense pressure of workload. By analyzing carefully, the definition of stress which states that the situation that evokes negative thoughts and feelings in the person can easily put on to the student life where the failure in exams and daily tasks evoke negative (sometimes suicidal) thoughts in the student’s mind. Many educational authorities claim that this workload is necessary for the students so they can learn to face stress before their practical lives. Although this claim sounds authentic but also a pseudo when breaking down. What is the point in torturing someone just for the sake that he may develop the tendency of absorbing it?

Is Stress And Education Are The Two Ends Of One Knot

But in the broader perspective, exams and daily assignments are not the only causes of the stress on the students. There are some other reasons too which we will explore in the next lines.

Unmatched Mental and Physical Capability:

It is noticeable in many schools and colleges that they only concentrate on the student’s mental ability and relates physical development only with the sports. According to research based in India which has the highest suicide rate in the world due to educational stress, it is the incompatibility between the mental development and physical development of the student. That is one of the many reasons that cause students start feeling uncomfortable of their surrounded competition where they are too afraid to compete.  Due to this, they start feeling the problems of internal mismatch that brought up due to inadequate adaptations.

Threatening Multi-Tasking:

Being a multi tasked person could be a special trait in your personality, but it is only when you are doing it on your own will. Also, we are trying to develop such multi-tasking mind of a young child which can only be developed at a certain age. Even the things like extracurricular activities come under the umbrella of multi-tasking. Imagine a student who is already in stress due to the bad grades is now under more stress because of the football match final he has to play tomorrow.

Hyper Vigilance:

Hyper-vigilance is a mechanism that considers as the cause of patterned bad grades of the students. This shows the situation that how much the stress of exams made him panic towards it. For instance, a student over studying for the exams in a single day or driving out the wrong solutions like to buy assignment online from cheap online services to end his stressful situation comes under the umbrella of hyper vigilance.

Graduated Students Stress:

Graduation could be the landmark in education, but the educational stress doesn’t end here. The stress of not getting a job after graduation resulting in the oversupplying of PhDs in the society. This thing decreasing the value of such highly prestigious degrees in the community which is working as a chain reaction for students. This reaction is creating the thinking of going ahead of Ph.D. to secure a job.

What Is The Cure?

Every challenge comes with the stress and getting a proper education is a challenge in this millennium where you have to take loans or mortgage your precious things to pay the fee of college. But putting a person in different challenges every day is something that should be unacceptable. There have been many cures of this stress introduced during different times, but unfortunately, this problem is not only present in our educational system but growing rapidly. The best cure that schools and colleges can adapt is to ask students about their education and make them feel that they have the full control on their education and make them feel comfortable about it. Stop taking every student equally and start teaching them by going into their standards.

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