The Art Of Mastering The Consultative Relationship

The consultative relationship is one of the latest methods of after sales and customer care services in which the salesperson spend time with the customer who is already busy in solving the problem and then the salesperson recommend him the solution of it. If a salesperson wants to be the master of consultative relationship, he or she has to ask questions to discover the customer’s pain and then present a solution to his pain during the discussion. To get hold of this art, you have to work hard to get in the client’s shoes to understand his problem or have to sit alongside him across the desk to present a solution that will address his problem. You have to think exactly like the thinking of your client to present him the solution that he is trying to find. The consultative method is not for the increase in sales. However it can, but this is not the primary function of consultative selling. However, it can increase the brand’s customer relationship that can be the cause of the increase in sale.

The Art Of Mastering The Consultative Relationship

Being a new in the methods of marketing, consultative relationship with customers is not that common even among the marketers that it should be. That is why I am writing this blog to educate my readers about this latest and effective method of marketing and to make it prevalent among the masses. In this article, I am going to disclose some of the ways through which a common salesperson can master the art of consultative relationship.

You Have To Be A Good Listener:

Don’t be focused towards your product entirely while having a discussion with the customer. You have to listen to him first and analyze his problem. You should listen to every tiny detail of his problem before presenting him the solution. It will not only help you to present your product in a most effective manner but also will help to generate a relationship of trust between you and the customer.

Ask Questions:

Even if you know every answer, you have to ask your customers some questions just to show him that you are concern about his problem and want to solve it for him. This is another to gain the trust of your customer which will help you to sell him your product. Another thing which you will know by asking questions is that how much your customer is educated about his problem. Don’t take the long answers of your questions as he or she knows a lot about his problem. There is a chance too that he doesn’t know everything about it that is why he is using more words to explain you. But your major concern about asking questions from your customers is that to make him believe that you are also concerned about his problem.


If the salesperson has the capability to understand, appreciate and communicate the client feelings, then he will be able to build stronger relations with the customer. For this, the salesperson has to become an active listener, has to be open to everything, the body language should suggest that the salesperson is interested and his questions should be relevant enough that your customer will not get annoyed by his questions. For this, the seller has to make sure to gain enough amount of trust of the customer while only listening that even the customer start feeling that I may get my solution from this person. This is where the salesperson can take control of the conversation.

Present The Resolve:

Once you have gained the full confidence of the customer by asking your questions, by having a conclusive enough conversation with the customer and by entirely understanding the client’s situation and needs, this is your time to get the fruit of all your effort. This is the time to present your solution or the product as the final resort for him that he immediately believe on you without having a second thought. However, no matter how much confidence of your customer you have gained, your product presentation should be persuasive enough that customer takes it as it is. You can start with the preface of summarizing his issues and the needed outcome, or you can make a story of your uncle who was having the same problem, but by using your product, he resolved it.

Even after you had presented your product, your job is not done. You have to be prepared for the possible questions of the customer this time. If your product sorts out his problem, you could face the questions starting from “How.” And if the product failed to solve his problem, the questions from the customers will begin with “Why.” You have to be ready for both of the questions, and instead of trying to give the answer of every question, you can ask some time from the customer to discuss the issue with your seniors. This will not only help to calm the customer but will also ignite the light of hope in the customer that he is not running out of options and he still has some chance.

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