Is redecorating the kitchen worth it? And, how about adding some greenery in the backyard? If you are planning to make changes in your home to increase its value, then such questions will continuously hover in your mind. Before we begin discussing some home improvement tips, it is essential to understand a couple of ground rules.

The first is to avoid using a credit card or loans for home improvement. While it may seem like a no-brainer, but most homeowners fall into this trap and regret later. The second is to ensure that you take professional assistance. While you may want to try out some DIY tips, found on the internet, but this is not the time for trial and error. Let us now move on to some useful home improvement tips for increasing your home’s value.

Have a clear plan: While your objective is to increase the value of your home, you must also have a clear plan to go about it. Things will turn out great, especially if your actions are well planned and not impulsive. Without a plan, you might start with remodeling your kitchen, and end up spending an exorbitant sum on renovating your entire home.

Get expert Opinion: Since you may have spent many years at your home, you might know the possible changes needed for increasing its value. However, you must get an expert opinion. Apart from realtors, you can even consider spending time with interior designers. Most of them might give you suggestions as a courtesy, but if they charge consultation fees, it would be minimal. 

Certified Home Inspector: Initially, this might look like a futile expense, but in the larger scheme of things, a home inspector has the potential to increase the value of your home. You should get your home inspected before you jump into the market and make it available for prospective buyers. Look at the brighter side. If the inspection turns out as expected, there are high chances that buyers will feel confident about your property. Moreover, once you get your home certified through a home inspector, buyers will not trouble you with further changes or concessions. 

Step-by-Step Process: Home improvement has to be a gradual process. Remember, we discussed the importance of planning. The key is to let yourself loose when it comes to thinking of ideas, and then systematically execute those ideas for increasing your home’s value. You should start with one room. Focus all your energy on improving the chosen room. For instance, if you start with the living room, then your entire commitment should be restricted to the living room. Whether it is to paint the room or knocking down an entire wall to add more space in the living room, you should stick to it until it is complete.

Small Improvements: Are you finding it difficult to choose between the home’s décor and necessary upgrades for increasing the value of your home? Well, the good thing is that you are not alone, and the answer to this question is rather easy. You have to choose a blend of both. Make a list of all the changes required for your home and another list of changes you would like to have for yourself. You can begin by replacing the lights, doors, and faucets. Such modifications fall under the home’s décor. Once you finish this list, you can move on to making some changes/upgrades for yourself. These changes may include upgrading the furniture, artworks and wall hangings.

Garden Appeal: Most homeowners crave for garden space in their backyard, so if you have it, you might as well make the best of the area. You can begin by adding some greenery as it is the most affordable option. Apart from this, you can also consider getting a deck or patio. They can go a long way in transforming a garden. There is a saying – the first impression is the last impression, so if you want to increase the value of your home, mow the lawn, tidy up the area and focus on its look and feel. 

Upgrade the Kitchen: When we say, “Upgrade the kitchen”, we do not mean that you make some cosmetic changes. You can begin by changing the paint. It may sound simple, but it can increase your home’s value. Setting up fresh flooring is yet another exciting idea. And, while we are at it, you should consider giving a facelift to your old cabinets. You can get specially designed kits for refinishing cabinets at your local hardware store.

Upgrade your bathroom: While you have upgraded your kitchen, the bathroom shouldn’t be left behind. Over time, due to wear and tear, a lot would have changed in your bathroom. Therefore, to beautify your bathroom, you should begin with the faucet. Replace the traditionally used drop-sinks with the under-mount sinks. If you have a proper budget, then you can replace the regular flooring with heated floors, as it would drastically increase your home’s value.

Color them all: One of the most popular ways of adding value to a home is fresh, painted rooms. Fresh paint can drastically enhance the feel of your home. While the overall painting cost may vary, but if you weigh it with the relative increase in the value, then it is worth it. You can check the latest color trends to choose a color for your rooms. If you are not able to decide, then you can even consult an interior designer and get his expert opinion.

Lighting: Often, lighting fixtures determine the overall feel of a room. For instance, dull or low light will make the room dark. Similarly, a well-lit room will increase its appeal. Lighting is one of the easiest ways of upgrading your home and making a positive impact on its value. Replace the old bulbs and clean the existing fixtures. Use blinds to let in natural lighting into the room.

Final Thoughts
If you are planning to add value to your home, then the above-mentioned home improvement tips will help in accomplishing your goal. Set out realistic goals, a clear budget, and the timeline for home improvement. Finally, get an expert opinion before you set out for increasing your home’s value.

If you follow these home improvement tips, then increasing the value of your home will be an extremely smooth experience. The key is to follow the expert opinion and stick to the plan.


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