The world is rapidly evolving and we have entered the age of modernization in a blink of eye. There is eminent difference in modes of communication and transportation if compared to the past. Standards of living and lifestyle are uplifted and people work day and night to maintain these standards. Efficient appliances, attractive lighting fixtures, and catchy themes of walls have brought a wave of newness in our homes. Construction contractors have introduced new ideas in 2019. Lawns, patios, lounges, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms are more attractive than ever before. Globalization has its role in this change, people have adopted what they like in some other culture.

There are following home renovation ideas that are loved by many this year.

Addition of Decks

A wooden deck is a modified shape of a terrace. The deck is usually larger in the area and there is a range of designs for decks. People love to have coffee in areas like a deck. You can select the wooden log which you like and hire a reliable home renovation company for deck installation. Furnish your deck with comfy furniture and outdoor plants. It is completely up to your choice whether you want to install deck at the front or backside of your home. It provides your home with a look of luxury homes. People who love to read, write or compose music must go for a deck in 2019. This area in your home will help you get your inner creativity out.

Flooring Options

wood flooring ideas

In 2019 tiles, wood, marble, concrete, and wood are equally trendy for floors. People love hardwood floor installation in their kitchen, lounge, and bedrooms. You might think that wood is a bad option for bathroom flooring but many people have tried hardwood in bathrooms.

Glass Shower Doors

bathroom remodeling design

If you have a narrow bathroom and you are currently using a shower curtain in your bathroom then it is time to try something new. After all, it is 2019 and this year has brought bathroom fixtures which completes the sleek look of your shower areas. Glass shower doors are one of these and you will find many designs when you visit market to buy shower doors. Frameless shower doors are preferred by most people. These doors are see-through so gives an illusion of wider area in bathrooms. Even if you have a large bathroom, glass shower doors are a considerable option.

Home Theater and Cinema

Those who love gaming and watching movies love these activities at large screens. If you are one of them then try home theater or cinema. Graphics and the resolution of large screens in home theaters are the next levels of entertainment. Advanced sound systems are used in these theaters.

Full-Length Glass Windows

Nowadays people prefer full-length windows because they make your home look spacious. You can also enjoy the view from these windows. People who had conventional wooden sash windows have replaced them with

Automatic Garage Doors

Manual garage doors are considered traditional now. There are smart and sleek garage doors. There are service providers who entirely change the outlook of your garage. Make garage renovation part of your home remodeling design. Modern garages are designed in a way that they can hold more than one car at a time in a compact space.

Use of Bold Colors in Homes

In the recent past, people mostly used to opt white or shades of whites for their interior home décor because it makes homes look spacious and wide. However, in 2019 interior home decorators are using bold colors confidently. Bold colors and large windows will make you enjoy this summer season.


landscaping ideas

How can a person forget about gardens and lawns when he plans home remodeling? Lawns are major part of a home that adds worth and beauty to your home. Ideas of garden landscaping have been opted by number of people. Companies supplying the landscaping services remove previously installed plants and put in modern sprinklers, plants, artificial turf and fountains in your garden. Those who have spacious homes love to have gazebos. These gazebos directly add value to your property. You can enjoy quality with friends and family on your lawn.

All these ideas in 2019 will surely make your home up to the standards of modern time.

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