A rummy game is one of the most interesting card games that people in India play online and offline. This traditional pastime game is easy to master, once you get the hang of it. However, to win against opponents, you need to sharpen your gaming skills and learn a few tactics. That being said, a true rummy player is the one who not only knows how to grab a win, but ways to stay afloat even with a bad hand of cards. It is important to know that this card game is not based on luck but skills. There is no scope to gamble on a rummy table.

The winnings are points, which at some platforms can be considered as cash earned, especially when playing a cash tournament. Websites such as Khelplay Rummy and likes allow players to play for cash. The skills involved in the game would be the same, but your point earning will be counted as cash instead of simple points. The cash amount can be redeemed by purchase of merchandise. You can also choose to get cash transferred into your bank account.

Be it playing for money or just fun, here are few strategies to keep in mind to keep from losing at online rummy games.

  1. Calculate the Points in Hand

If you know how to play rummy, then you do understand that card moves along with ability to count the points of hand, are both important. If you lose the game, the number of points in your hand becomes to earning for the winner. To reduce the points, do away with high value cards such as Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. After every move, make sure you know the total points your hand carry, so that you will know when to start discarding cards you have been holding for a time.

  1. Make Possible Sequences/Sets

Your objective is to make a pure sequence as soon as possible. After which, you can make sets or sequences with regular cards or jokers. However, try to make as many pure sequences as possible to keep points in the hand to minimal. Making sequences and sets early in a 13 card rummy game will enable you declare the game at the soonest, and emerge as a winner.

  1. Observe Cards in Discard Pile

One way to stop oneself from losing in rummy is to keep a check of cards being discarded. What the rivals discard will give you an idea as to the cards they hold or need. Even when playing rummy games free and not for money, being observant about the cards in discard pile, will help you secure a win. It will allow you to read the hand of the opponent and accordingly, shape your card moves. Be careful about the cards you discard, as these must not give a clue to the opposite player about the cards in your hand.

  1. Trick the Opposite Player

When playing card games, you have to do your best to trick the opposite player and have him/her throw the card you really require to form a sequence or set. For instance, you already have a pure sequence. Now you intend to make a set of three 5s, but have just two 5s in hand. You can throw a 4 or 6 of any suit and trick the rival into discarding a 5, with which, you can complete the set of three 5s.

Consider the above-given strategies to win at rummy. For a private card game, you can also look for a rummy game free download, where you can learn more tips of winning at rummy.