It takes a special personality to work as an accident attorney, especially in the areas of interpersonal relationships and legal prowess. Some of these qualities are learned and some come naturally. Learn more about 5 things that make a good accident attorney.

1. Proper Credentials

A good accident attorney will have a law degree from an accredited institution. The lawyer also needs to pass the bar exam in your state. A lawyer must take the bar again if they plan to practice law in a different state.

2. Experience as a Work-Site Accident Attorney

It’s not enough to have the credentials. You need a lawyer with real world experience. New lawyers have ambition, but they make novice mistakes. An experienced lawyer knows not to make those mistakes at this point in their career. Furthermore, they’ve encountered more cases and seen more positive and negative moves.

There are numerous areas of accident law, including work-site accident law. Auto accident experience doesn’t necessarily translate, so ensure that the lawyer has experience in these types of cases. It’s also important that the lawyer has experience in your area. Laws vary by location, and you want to be familiar with the specific laws in your area.

3. Strong Professional Network

Law involves a lot of players. During an accident law case, your lawyer must work with the opposing lawyer as well as the judge. Many law professionals work in close circles. Ideally, your lawyer will have an established relationship with people in the legal industry. These relationships can come in handy throughout the proceedings.

4. Attention to Detail

Lawyers must metaphorically (and literally) “dot their i’s and cross their t’s”. First, they will analyze the details of the case from all perspectives. The lawyer will discern what details assist your case and what details hurt your case and use that information to assess the likelihood of a favorable result.

5. Compassion

An accident attorney sees accidents every single day. After years of handling accident cases, some lawyers become numb to the impact of the accident to the people involved. Instead, you want to find a lawyer who still has a passion for helping people and who wants to help you.

If you got into an accident at work, don’t take the first offer your company offers you. Hire a lawyer to help you get the compensation you truly deserve. Remember, your job cannot retaliate.