A car accident can have lasting ramifications for you and your family. Whether you’re injured and need someone to fight for your rights or are the victim of a hit-and-run accident, it’s important to know where to turn when you need a car accident lawyer. Here is where to turn when you need a car accident lawyer.

1. A Licensed Attorney

All state and local bars and most insurance companies require attorneys to hold a license before practicing law. The licensing process involves multiple steps in which a lawyer must meet certain law requirements and get licensed. This means that when you have an accident, your lawyer should be licensed before he or she can practice law. Ensure the lawyer is licensed to practice law when you make an appointment for a consultation.

2. Attorney Referrals

Suppose you don’t know anyone in your area who is a licensed attorney, search online for your state’s bar association to see if it has an information or referral service. Also, ask your employer if he or she knows any attorneys willing to refer you to one of them. A car accident lawyer referral service might be run by an organization that doesn’t charge you anything. It could also mean the difference between recovery and getting taken advantage of.

3. Legal Aid Societies

Legal aid societies provide legal representation to people who cannot afford it. The services they provide vary widely, but many can refer clients with basic needs to a private attorney or take on cases that meet the needs of their clients. This is a good resource for poor people who do not have access to a lawyer.

4. State Bar Association Referrals

Most state bar associations provide lawyers to people who cannot afford to hire an attorney but need legal assistance. Clients usually meet with a paralegal or law student, and some states may be able to provide referrals to an experienced attorney. This resource is a good place to start, but there is no guarantee that your case will be taken on or that they will refer you to a lawyer.

5. Court-Appointed Lawyers and Legal Aid Society Referrals

The court will appoint an attorney to represent you if you are accused of a crime. In many states, this attorney is paid by the state and gets most of his or her clients through referrals from legal aid societies or the court. They also assist people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Remember, this is not a guaranteed resource, so it’s important to check in with the court or legal aid society before hiring a lawyer or taking your case further.


Having someone on your side who can help you can make the difference between getting justice and being left in the cold. Whether you are talking to an attorney, court-appointed lawyer or legal aid society, it’s important to interview a few before deciding who’s right for your case.