The students regardless of their education level consider academic writing one of the most tedious tasks. In order to produce a magnificent piece of work, some time is needed to be allocated to it. Students usually seek shortcuts and alternative ways to get this burdensome task done with. This makes them make a huge mistake of plagiarism which impacts their grades severely. Plagiarism is concerned one of the most unlike task by the professor; as it exhibits someone else works as own. The students are therefore required to cite and refer the papers extensively. As a result of this, various institutes have formed certain rule leasing to high penalties and termination. To relieve you from the stress of plagiarism we have investigated certain ways which could assist you in overcoming this gigantic problem:

  • Way 1: Paraphrasing

Instead of copying the material as it is, focus on paraphrasing it to avoid plagiarism. The paraphrasing is concerned with the writing of the same meaning sentence in different words. Scholars and essay writing services make use of this way alike for the production of a piece of paper that is plagiarism free. Read the information, understand it, and then write it in your own words.

  • Way 2: Citation

The citation is a most effective tool utilized for eradicating the plagiarism in the paper. It is because by citing the material we provide all the source details accordingly as it contains the name and the published date of the data. There are various types of citation used in the academic paper such as APA, Harvard, Chicago and more, therefore, nurtures on these citations in order to write them in a proper form. Whether you derive the data from someone’s text, compose it or reinvent it, refer the sources accordingly and in the correct way as determined by the course professor or facilitator. Source the resources at the same time when you extract the data. This saves you the time as well as the trouble of reviewing all the sources again.

  • Way 3: Referencing

Referencing is essential in order to avoid any serious consequences. Understand the specific guideline for referencing of the paper as it incorporates all the necessary information to determine the authenticity of the source used in the concerned paper. Referencing the work properly can save you from all the troubles which one has to undergo because of plagiarism. Remember to add in reference the online source from which you have derived the data.

  • Way 4: Quotations

Quotations add to the strength of the academic paper however, they can also cause plagiarism in the work if not quoted properly. If there is a quotation that needs to be quoted than either paraphrase it and if in certain case paraphrasing cannot take place add inverted commas to distinguish it, along with the writer’s name.

  • Way 5: Plagiarism Checkers

One way to avoid the plagiarism is to use the tools provided by the technology. There are various software and websites available for checking the plagiarism in ones work. However, all these sites are not authentic, whereas the software’s used for the plagiarism detection can assist you in determining the originality of the work that you have produced


The use five ways illustrated above will assist you in the generation of a plagiarism free work. Put the effort and research on the topic to get hands on the most useful resources and a piece of information, to be incorporated in the academic paper.


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