Choosing between WordPress and Blogger

Having doubts and second thoughts is not such nice situation to be in. Especially when there is an important decision to make, such as choosing the right platform for your website. Therefore, we have made this article, to help you decide between two popular platforms. Note that this is only our opinion, and you are not bound to do as we say.


Blogger is a platform owned by Google, meaning that somewhat this company owns your website. Some people feel safer knowing that there is “someone bigger” behind them, and that is why they opt for this service. However, serious drawback is that your website can be shut down, in case that you are violating any term of service, or your access can be restricted. This can be quite unpleasant, for something you did not on purpose might ruin all of your work. On the other hand, WordPress gives you more freedom and space, and only you can pull the plug from your site, in case that you decide to do so. Also, the fact that WordPress is open source-based extends this freedom even further. In this case, we have to give point to WordPress.

Choosing Between WordPress and Blogger

Choosing Between WordPress and Blogger


Of course that every blogger wants for his site to be secure, preventing unwanted visitors. This is the field where WordPress is left behind his rival. Majority of websites settled on this platform are quite vulnerable to breaches. On the other hand, Google has more resources to invest into safety field, so your site will require G+ profile to access it. And not just any profile, but yours, meaning that if someone wants to breach your defense, there will be an additional layer of protection to deal with. Of course, there is always factor of non-responsible behavior, so be sure that you do whatever is needed, to keep your blog safe.

As for safety, point goes to Blogger.

Choosing Between WordPress and Blogger


This is quite an important aspect you must look into, especially if topic of your blog needs to have visual appeal, such as the one from people owning IDK Man, for that is where true value of WordPress overshadows Blogger. Huge plethora of available templates, plugins and add-ons available for WordPress are way better than those available on Blogger. In addition, drag-and-drop system which WordPress sports makes all the work on site far easier, because you can literally have zero knowledge in HTML coding.

The latter visually seems a bit limited, so we have to give a point to WordPress on this matter.

Choosing Between WordPress and Blogger

Final verdict

Our final impression is that WordPress looks better and gives more space for expressing creativity, while Blogger has great support and safety measures. Ultimately, the final decision is yours. Remember that choosing the right platform is similar to wearing a bright yellow jacket. It is excellent for hiding in a cage full of canaries, but it is awful when Federal helicopter is chasing you across the field. Your primary concern is to figure out the main purpose.


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