A Guide to Multiplayer Modes In Hive by PlayHiveGame

If you enjoy hero multiplayer shooters, get ready to embark on an adventure with Hive: Altenum Wars. Developed by Catness game studios, this 2.5D futuristic shooter will provide hectic gameplay that’ll challenge you at every turn.

Team up with your favorite teammates, overcome obstacles, and conquer the hexagonal coliseums! You can join Hive at PlayHiveGame, and enjoy everything the game has to offer.

The game comes with full multiplayer features, and PlayHiveGame offers us insight into its unique game modes. So, check out this multiplayer guide that will tell you all you need to know about Hive before you start playing it.

About Hive: Altenum Wars

In Hive: Altenum Wars, you have one goal – to acquire an essential energy source known as Altenum. This energy source is the only way you can perform inter-spatial traveling in the 26th century, and you need it to survive.

The more Altenum you get your hands on, the more you can explore and eventually colonize the other planets in the galaxy.

Of course, obtaining this critical energy source is more complicated than it may seem. You’ll have to take on enemy forces, master the combat fields known as Hexadiums, and protect your strategic points.

Hexadiums are, as their name would suggest, hexagon-shaped arenas. Each Hexadium is split into six distinct zones, and each zone has a unique layout, with different gravity, hideouts, and more.

Before you get to the planet Hive, you’ll have to choose your character, aka your Hexadier. You’ll have four factions to choose from:

  • The human military faction, known as UFG;
  • The human faction modified by Altenum, known as NHC;
  • The robot faction, known as EVO;
  • The evolved alien faction, known as Aeons;

Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses and unique weapon options. While some Hexadiers will better handle rifles and machine guns, others will show their real power with knives and sabers. Choose your Hexadier wisely and level up your skills accordingly.

PlayHiveGame – Multiplayer Features

At Hive, you’ll see that you have full multiplayer features, so you can enjoy the game any way you see fit. While some gamers will enjoy the single-player mode the most, others will feel the thrill of this shooter game only in online multiplayer mode.

Single Player

As PlayHiveGame suggests, you’ll get the most out of Hive by teaming up and enjoying the multiplayer shooter benefits. However, if you prefer going at it solo and exploring the game in your own unique way, the single-player mode is available to you.

You can play offline or online and face enemy hoards by yourself while unlocking new weapons, characters, and skills.

Local Multiplayer

With local multiplayer, you can join up with your best friend and conquer Hive together. Local multiplayer enables split-screen gaming, and you can even play on different consoles on the same network.


If you want to take on non-player characters, join Hive’s co-op mode and face off waves of enemies. Even though you won’t get the full competitive environment of multiplayer, you’ll get to enjoy team play and level up your skills.

Online Multiplayer

Of course, online multiplayer is what Hive was created for primarily. Up to 10 players can fight simultaneously on the battlefields, so join up with your teammates and take on competition worldwide.

Make the gameplay more interesting by teaming up with characters from different factions and take advantage of each faction’s strengths and weaknesses.

Game Modes in Hive

Besides the multiplayer you can enjoy with Hive, you can also modify your experience with a variety of game modes. Take a look.

Team Deathmatch

Team deathmatch in PlayHiveGame is otherworldly, to say the least. It’s dynamic, chaotic, challenging, but most of all – entertaining.

Join up with your team, and take on all enemy factions in the hectic industrial battlefield. There’s only one winner in this game mode, and he or she is determined by the number of enemy kills they manage to rack up. So, make sure to take out as many opponents as possible!

King of the Hill

If you enjoy playing strategy, king of the hill in Hive is your go-to game mode. You’ll have to team up and conquer and defend a strategic point on the map. There are three unique strategic points, so choose one, and have some fun!


Survival mode is perfect for single players and co-ops. Face off enemy hoards, master different battle styles, and learn the best ways to take out your opponents.

The Bottom Line

PlayHiveGame offers hours of fun with its interesting multiplayer and game modes. So, find the mode that suits you best, and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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