Adora Toddler Happy Birthday Baby
Baby dolls prove to be realistic play toys for children. They not only provide endless play parenting fun, but are gorgeous to look at! The Adora Toddler Happy Birthday Baby Doll is no exception. It is perfect for any child looking for a toy companion to care for like a real child. While there are many options on the market for baby dolls, nothing compares to the quality of some products.

Choosing the cheap baby dolls that look real for a child can be simple or intimidating due to the many options. But a customer must ask themselves quite plainly: what is the quality they are looking for? Sure, its is easy to just pick a cheap baby doll from a local chain retail store. But offers up a variety of Adora dolls that give a better experience to children.

Happy Birthday doll for Children

Children enjoy toys that are engaging and can be a learning tool. Dolls are great for providing a gateway into responsibility. Not only will a child learn the basics for child care, but also the compassion for a companion. Each Adora doll offers up a realistic experience for children with high attention to detail, quality product production and colorful outfits to stimulate the child’s mind. Perhaps the favorite of the Adora line is their Happy Birthday doll.

Reviews of Adora Toddler Happy Birthday Baby Doll

The Adora Happy Birthday Baby Doll is super realistic and only made with quality materials. Made with high quality baby powdered scented vinyl, this gorgeous doll sits at 20 inches in height. This provides proper sizing to truly give a practical feeling. She is decked out with a pretty with and pink removable dress (in case the child chooses to switch outfits). The dress has a pink border with white polka dots and features appliqued balloons and a cupcake on the front. This makes this doll perfect for celebrating a child’s birthday. The dress is hand sewn by talented seamstresses which makes the dress even more unique.

Aside from the delightful dress, the Happy Birthday baby doll has smooth looking skin to really give it the real look. It has rosy cheeks and bright blue eyes with pretty eyelashes. She has a mane of beautiful golden blonde hair in two pig tails, each fitted with bows matching her dress. The attention to detail in this doll is highly admirable as no feature was left unaddressed. She even has manicured nails in a French design to give her a high class look.

Key Features

To further build upon social skills, the doll features pantaloons under the dress and is fitted with a diaper underneath. This adds to the weighted feel of the doll, which additionally adds to its natural feel. The lucky child to get this doll will not only experience a fun and quirky themed toy, but the true experience of caring for a baby. Carrying this doll around will feel like the real thing and truly adds to a nurturing playtime for the child. It also has move parts (such as head and arms) to give the child the option to position the doll in social situations. It can be the life of the birthday party with other toys! It is approved for children ages 6 and up.

For over 20 years, the Adora line of dolls has been providing children with great imaginary play. They strive to inspire young minds to be adventurous and have a special experience with their dolls. While similar dolls might run at pretty high prices, Adora brings affordable fun while standing behind superior quality. The dolls run about $100 and it is quite worth the investment. Long lasting materials are used in doll construction and the clothing is removable and machine washable. This makes them an attractive choice for parents as well.

Another attractive feature for parents considering buying the Happy Birthday doll is its non-toxic materials which are BPA free. It is also hypoallergenic to ensure clean fun time with no adverse reactions. It comes with a 30 day warranty for supreme customer satisfaction. This warranty covers any manufacture defects that may exist, but with such durable, this is an uncommon occurrence. This warranty is only available if purchased through

With such a pleasing appearance and so many play options for child, the Adora Happy Birthday doll is the perfect gift. The Adora brand offers accessories for their line of dolls as well such baby carrier and diaper bags. The Happy Birthday Baby Doll will truly make a child’s wish come true!