Every Friday, a new movie releases and movie revelers love to catch a much-awaited flick. With piracy becoming a grave problem for the film industry, it is important to understand how watching a movie in a luxurious theatre can enhance the movie-watching experience. PVR Cinemas is one name that is synonymous with luxury and grandeur. When one steps into a PVR Cinema, he gets stunned with a lot of opulence all-around him. Watching a film in such an ambience is an experience like none other. Here, we bring you more information about what PVR offers to the movie-goers.

Catch Movie At PVR Kukatpally Hyderabad In A Perfect Ambience

A Perfect Ambience

It is a fact that watching a movie can be enjoyed only one is focused on it, and there are no distractions to spoil the mood. PVR Kukatpally Hyderabad, located in The Forum Sujana Mall offers a nice ambience. Subtle lights, comfortable seats, and plush interiors ensure movie-revelers getting into a completely relaxed mood which is perfect when watching a movie.

Surround Sound System 

When watching a movie, sound effects are the most important factor that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Every beat and even minutest sounds are picked up well by the speakers which transport the viewers to a different world. It seems one is living a life with the film characters; such is the impact of sound.

Visual storytelling at its best 

Any story takes epic proportions when it is seen on a huge screen. The size of the screen holds the attention of the viewers and compels them to stay riveted when the movie is running. Watching characters come alive on the screen is a unique experience which makes it memorable. It seems that you have just entered other world. When planning to watch a movie, find out about Show times at PVR Kukatpally Hyderabad.

Mouth-watering Delicacies Served at your seat

When watching a movie, many movie-goers love ordering for some light snacks. They can either buy their favorite snacks before the movie begins or can place an order and the same is delivered to the patron at his seat as per his preferred time. A variety of eatables is available at the PVR Counter, and people can choose from among so many options.

Premium PVR Kukatpally Hyderabad Location

PVR Kukatpally Hyderabad Location is premium and is located in one of the popular malls in Hyderabad, The Forum Sujana Mall. This Mall attracts a large number of visitors, and many of them come here just to catch a movie. People love to enjoy a movie, shop around a little and then have dinner at a happening restaurant and enjoy the whole day. If you have any such plans, check out show times of your favorite movie and visit Paytm.com and book your tickets. It is a popular online movie ticket booking platform which helps in quick and effortless booking. Booking tickets at this platform also allow viewers to enjoy amazing deals, discounts and cashback offers.

So what are you looking for? Get tickets for your favorite movie booked.

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