How to Help Your Teen Get Ready For College During Their Senior Year


Have Them Visit Colleges That They Are Interested In

There’s a good chance that your teen doesn’t know what college they want to attend yet. It’s actually a great time to start visiting colleges that they are interested in. They can learn about all of the programs available to them and see what college life will be like. Once they have narrowed it down to a few colleges that they might want to attend, you can help them fill out college applications as well.

Hire a Tutor to Help Them Improve Their Grades

Many teens struggle with finishing their high school years off strong. It’s not uncommon for some seniors to slack a bit when it comes to their grades because they think that they don’t really matter at this point. Unfortunately, this is simply not true, and your teen might not get into the college that they want to if they get poor grades during their senior year. If your teen is starting to struggle, hire a tutor to help them improve their grades. Your teen may not be happy about it at first, but they may end up being very appreciative about it once they start to see their grades improve.

Enroll Them in a College Preparatory School

If you are looking for a way for your teen to stand out from the rest of college applications, enroll them in a college preparatory school. These types of schools will give your teen the necessary education that they need in order to be successful in college.

Apply for Financial Aid

A lot of college students need to utilize financial aid in order to pay for school. If you will need to get help paying for your teen’s education, you should apply for financial aid as soon as possible. Some of this aid may be limited, and you need to get your teen’s financial aid secured as soon as possible. Make sure you also look into any scholarships available that your teen might qualify for. 

Encourage Them to Get a Part-Time Job

A part-time job can help your teen earn money for college. It can also help them develop valuable skills early. It can teach them time management as they balance their school work and job after school. It can also help them learn how to be more independent. Once they start making money, teach them the importance of saving and budgeting. Learning this skill before they are on their own will help them stay out of debt and keep their money organized. 

Enroll Them in Extracurricular Activities

It’s no secret that extracurricular activities look great on college applications. They can also look great on job resumes for their future career. Make sure they get involved in activities that interest them. Don’t force them to do anything they aren’t interested in. For example, if your teen has always shown a love for music, enroll them in guitar or piano lessons. This will teach them the importance of working hard to develop new skills and talents, which will pay off for their future. 

Encourage Them to Volunteer

Like extracurricular activities, volunteering looks great on applications and resumes. This is a great way for your teen to find new friends and build lasting relationships too. Make sure your teen knows the importance of helping others before they start living on their own. This will help them with their interpersonal skills and relationships. They will be better roommates in college and coworkers after they graduate. 

Teach Them Household Skills

Your teen will hopefully have many household skills because of their experience doing chores around the house. However, make sure they know how to properly do laundry, clean, and cook. Start teaching them how to cook a few basic meals they can eat at college. This can be something simple like spaghetti, baked potatoes, or chili. 

Start Buying Household Items

It can be helpful to start purchasing items they’ll need for moving out during their senior year so you aren’t making large purchases all at once right before. Start giving them dishes, pots, pans, and decorations for Christmas or other holidays. Make sure they have everything they need to make the transition to living on their own easier. Make sure they have comfortable bedding and decorations that will help them feel right at home in their new dorm. Getting them mentally and physically prepared for moving out throughout their senior year will make the transition feel a little less scary and stressful for them. 

It’s imperative that you start preparing your teen for college during their senior year of high school. This will increase their chances of getting into a good college and being prepared for what’s to come. Use the above tips to make sure your teen has all the tools they need before starting college. Don’t expect them to be thrown into the experience. Be there for them and help them be successful in every step.