Finding the time to put yourself first as a mum can be challenging to say the least, so we are here with a couple of tips that can really help you to focus on some me time! This will not only be great for you, but also for your kids, as having a happy and healthy mum is exactly what they need. These tips can save you time so you have more of a chance to put yourself first. 

Try Meal Prepping

Another thing you can do to incorporate more “me” time is to try meal prepping. Cooking each night takes up a lot of time, so if you use a few hours over the weekend to prepare meals for the week, you will find you free up so much time in the evenings throughout the week, as you are only cleaning everything up once! Rather than cooking, getting the kids ready for bed and then ending up having just an hour to yourself in the evening, you could have much more time to yourself. 

Some great meals that don’t take long to prep and will last in you fridge for most of the week are: 

  • Bolognese pasta bake
  • Soups
  • Chilli
  • Mini shepherd, cottage or lentil pies
  • Jacket potatoes (all you need to do is add toppings throughout the week)
  • Sausage and mash
  • Casseroles
  • Stews
  • Curry

Your options are endless when it comes to meal prep ideas for the whole family. If you have the time to just do one shop, one big cooking session and one main clean up, you will have so much more time to yourself. 

Share Care With Other Moms!

All of us moms are in the same boat, so if you have friends or family who live near by, you could suggest that you share care! You could take it in turns to have eachothers children once a week for play time and the evening meal, as this will be really fun for the kids and it means you will have yet another opportunity to spend some time doing what you love or catching up if that helps you to feel more productive. This could be getting organised which makes you feel  better throughout the week, picking one of your favourite little black dresses and heading out for a date or simply having a nice relaxing night in with your favourite snacks and a nice hot bath. 

When the kids are awake, it can be hard to get things done, and then you are scared to make too much noise when they’ve gone to bed. So, this could give you a few hours to get whatever you want to done, or to maybe go out and run a few errands without worrying about your little ones when you’re there. You could tie this in with kids clubs that both you and the other moms kids go to, to save you both time and to help you both have that all important “me” time!