Luxury fashion is something that we all like to wear but many of us can’t afford. I love so many high-street fashion brands but dont have the money to afford them, especially with the current market. Furthermore, luxury fashion is not just about buying stylish, designer brands. It is also about buying stylish clothing that is durable and takes your style to the next level. In this article, we are going to discuss the numerous luxury fashion brands that a man can wear and where they all began.


Up first, we have Diesel and this fashion brand is very famous for the men’s designer jeans that they produce. Although they are known for many other things such as fragrances. This Italian fashion brand is one of the most popular luxury brands in the UK and it is great. 

Diesel did something that fashion brands have never done before and they collaborated with Sony and the makers of ‘Days Gone’. They are a great fashion brand and if you can afford to buy some of their clothes, we would highly recommend their denim jeans. 

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a common fashion brand for many men. It is a clothing brand that you will always see in the city centre. That will either be someone wearing the brand or having one of their shops. It is a brand that is not only for middle-aged men but also for those in their early 20s and late teens. It is not the most expensive brand on the list however, it is a brand that isn’t the average price. The question is, where did it all begin with Ralph Lauren? 

Ralph Reuben Lifshitz, who was also known as Ralph Lauren, started working for an American fashion brand, Brooks Brothers. In 1970, Ralph decided to have a career change. Not necessarily leaving the fashion industry but instead starting his fashion brand. He originally started designing necklaces before he began releasing clothes and it was a style that everybody took. Not only did he specialise in designing men’s clothing but also women’s. 


Gucci, a long-serving Italian fashion brand takes men’s luxury fashion to another level. It is far more expensive than Ralph Lauren although the quality for both of these brands is not too far between. Last year, Lady Gaga starred in the film, House of Gucci, which gave us a new insight into this high-end fashion brand. 

The fashion brand was founded by high-end fashion designer, Guccio Gucci and became a popular fashion brand across Europe. Due to altercations with the mafia, Gucci fell massively due to the bad press that they received and the death of some of the family members in the Gucci family. Furthermore, it is a brand that managed to restore its reputation that is built and is now one of the most popular men’s fashion brands out there. 

True Religion

One of the newer brands on the list and has only just had its 20th anniversary. True religion is a much more affordable fashion brand that you will see a lot of men wearing. Again, another great brand for high-end and stylish jeans, True Religion is competing with some of the best out there. True religion covers a lot of areas such as fragrances, tees, jackets, footwear and many more. If you are looking for a luxury fashion brand that is affordable, we would highly recommend this brand. 


There are many luxury fashion brands that we men can wear and some are far more expensive than others. Furthermore, many other luxury fashion brands have not made it to this list yet still design high-quality clothing. Some of those brands include Gods Gift, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Balenciaga and many more. If you are looking to take your style to the next level, these fashion brands are certainly the ones for you.