How To Record Flash Videos With Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Most video sharing sites only allow visitors to watch the flash videos online. You can’t download the video directly from the site. The only way you can download the flash video is to record it with a screencasting software like Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Movavi Screen Capture Studio lets you select the screen area you want to record with the recording frame. Any activity that take place within the recording frame will be recorded.

First, you must go to the webpage URL of the flash video. Next, you must click the Movavi Screen Capture Studio shortcut icon on your desktop to launch it. When it is launched, you are to look for the select button on the control panel and click on it. The recording frame will automatically resized to fit any window that you click afterwards. To make sure the video you capture has sound, you must click on System Audio so that a green tick will appear instead of a red X.

How To Record Flash Videos With Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Doing so enables the sound output from the audio speakers to be recorded during the recording session. When you press the Rec button, it won’t start recording until after 5 seconds. Before the 5 seconds countdown is over, you should have already click on the play button on the video player. When the recording session starts, you will see the Recording word on the tab above the recording frame. If you do not wish to resume the recording temporarily, you can click on the pause button at anytime. Get more details at .

You can either press the Stop button or set the timer to automatically stop the recording. You can open the screencast in the video editor and click on the play button in the preview button to check and see if the video is recorded exactly as you want. This allows you to check if any pop ups appear on the screen and block the video player during the screen recording. Sometimes, the video will buffer and stop playing for while before continuing playing.

You won’t know all these if you didn’t check the video since you have been away during the screen recording session. The video editor is suitable to use for deleting unwanted parts or merging video. If the video does not have any subtitle, you can add it by using the text feature. You can improve the video quality by using the color enhancement or magic enhancement tool.

You can use the cropping tool to crop off the excess part of the video if the frame was not initially adjusted to exactly fit the video player. The video that you just captured is suitable for watching on the media player on your computer or on your mobile device.

The video can also emailed or uploaded online to share with your friends. You can make the sound in the flash movie clearer and louder by going to Tools and dragging the volume slider to the right. If you find the volume in the screencast too loud, you can drag the volume slightly to the left.

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