Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Star Plus Serial Wiki Story

About Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Serial:

Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein recently had a revamp within the show once a serious leap that turned the story by a giant twist. The leap brought a replacement structure with new actors and track line. Ishita’s past love Mani came in her life. it had been shown that Mani saved Ishita’s life once she committed suicide. Mani met with AN accident and lost quality whereas saving Ishita. Since then, Ishita and Mani became every other’s support and living on friendly terms. Ishita and Mani raised Mani’s kinsman and kinswoman of these years, that completed their short family.On the opposite hand, Raman has been staying as AN infuriated person, feeling guilty of provocative his woman to kill. Shagun has concerned the duties of raising Raman and Ishita’s girl Pihu, whom Shagun gave birth. Shagun turned terribly positive and is altruistically being Raman’s support. Shagun left Manoj to try and do her motherly duty towards Pihu. The love pairings poor up and post leap its all completely different pairings to examine.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Full Episode Star Plus Serial Wiki Story

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Story:

Bhallas ar seen with a serious amendment in their manner and perspective. Raman gets back to his self-important vogue. Raman works around the clock to run his business well, and fortunately has Mihir by his facet until currently. Romi and Mihika ar seen along once the leap. you may realize a replacement histrion enjoying Mihika’s role, that counts for a amendment. Whereas Mihir’s role became a lot of boring and his look appearance recreated from some era. Shagun and Raman stick together for Pihu’s sake, and didn’t marry. Ishita is seen staying in Australia together with her succor Mani. Ishita is functioning arduous to form Mani fine and walk on his feet. Mani goes through several surgeries and eventually gets well.

Mani’s bonding with Ishita is seen. Ishita loves Aaliya and Nirvaan like their mother. Aaliya regards Ishita world’s best mater. Ishita misses out her very little girl United Nations agency required her care and love. Ishita gets upset recalling Ruhi’s death. Aaliya cheers up Ishita. Aaliya advises Mani to marry Ishita, as they each look created for every different. Mani then thinks to propose Ishita. He gets spirit to talk up his feelings once he absolutely recovers and gets back on his feet. Mani doesn’t want to become burden on Ishita earlier.

Raman’s angry perspective is like before, once Shagun ditched him. Shagun currently becomes an honest support for Raman. She takes care of his social unit and youngsters, fitting in Ishita’s place fine. Bala transforms into a sports coach. His fitness makes his son Shravan jealous. Shravan misses out Ruhi and sits chatting on-line with others. Adi is shown because the solely connecting link between the Iyers and Bhallas. His upbringing by Shagun is highlighted, whereas Adi still holds Ishita’s values. Iyers and Bhallas have a giant fight between them, owing to losing Ishita and Ruhi.

Romi stays faraway from family, once an enormous argument with Raman post Ruhi’s death. Mihika too blames Raman for Ishita’s death and supported Romi once everybody went against him. Raman and Romi became business rivals. whereas Romi has jolted hands with Ashok to style success, Raman still goes the arduous and honest thanks to run his business. Mani proposes Ishita, whereas she with courtesy refuses him. Ishita still loves Raman, and makes that apprehensible to Mani. Raman decides to require over Mani’s company and shows up interest. Ishita meets Ruhi/Ruhaan by fate and circumstances bring them along usually.

Ruhaan hates Ishita for giving her to Niddhi. Ruhaan is seen in her feminine avatar of Ruhi, with long hair and feminism on her face. Ruhaan covers up her hair and obeys Niddhi’s commands of activity her real identity. Niddhi earns by Ruhaan’s singing talent. She organizes his concerts and has attained superstar in Australia. Ruhaan hold a lot of pain in heart. Niddhi tortures Ruhaan and beats up to point out dominance. Ruhaan is then taken care by Ishita unplanned. Raman lands in Australia with Pihu for business purpose. Raman and Ishita had to satisfy for the corporate merger, however Ruhaan makes their meet not possible.

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